Thursday, November 24, 2011


Words simply cannot express how thankful I am for my little family of three. The Lord is good!

O taste and see that the Lord is good...
Psalms 34:8

You might notice something new - The Little One is teething and has the beginnings of four teeth coming through the gums! What a little trooper. Correction: three teeth, I thought the fourth one was coming in too, but just felt in his mouth today (11/28) and it's puffy, but still smooth as a baby's.... gums.

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with The Little One for the first time. (Side note: I love these two handsome guys so much!)

For dinner we had Parisian salad, cranberry sauce, Martinelli's sparkling apple cider, garlic mashed potatoes, roast turkey breast, maple butter baked yams, and gravy. We truly do live in a land of plenty.

Dessert was crust-less pumpkin pie served in goblets, with whipped cream of course.

I am one happy momma. Being a mother is indescribably special. I am so thankful to be The Mr.'s wife and now I'm a momma too - what more could I ask for?!

....O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto Thee forever.
Psalm 30:12


  1. Your baby is getting soooo big!! But adorable as always!

  2. Sis, you and my crazy hormones are making me cry! Being a mom truly is the best thing in the world! PS- that pumpkin pie looks DELICIOUS!

  3. We DO live in a land of plenty! The mini-Mr. is looking very healthy.

  4. The little guy is SO stinkin CUTE! And getting so big! I really hope you come to CA and let me squeeze him. :) Many, many, many times! It's not fair we live so far away. The food looks really good btw.

  5. your little boy is adorable, looks like you had a great thank's giving, we don't celebrate it in the uk sadly but Christmas isn't so far away and we get to enjoy a turkey dinner then :)

  6. Oh my, those eyes! Someday he will grow into them! What a sweet little guy, can't wait to squeeze him! See you soon!!!

  7. Looks like the perfect thanksgiving dinner! You guys look very happy and the little guy is, of course, so, so cute! It was really great to see you all this weekend, thanks for coming down!
    Alan is sitting at my side repeating, "mo olver, mo olver, mo olver, mo olver!" (more oliver) since he can't see the photos anymore. :)

  8. Welcome back to cyberland Chatty! No more 2 month lapses okay?
    Very nice looking Thanksgiving feast! And very very nice looking baby!(and parents) I like Kelly's nickname for the little one- he wouldn't grow out of that one as soon.
    Your other Mom.

  9. Awww- We are SO happy for you guys! And you are very right- being a wife and mom is wonderful! So glad you could have a special Thanksgiving with a new member! Sorry we didnt get there that weekend! love, Val

  10. Thanks for sharing Sis!
    I agree!
    What a blessing a family is!
    HOME~ made of people who love us no matter what! -- a little touch of heaven!


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