Monday, November 28, 2011

Watch Me Grow!

When The Little One was 2 weeks old, I took a photo of him on the chair in the nursery. He was so tiny! Since then, I've taken a photo of him on the same chair once a month and this is the result so far.

Two Weeks Old- just over 7lbs, tiny and helpless. (I love his fresh pink skin and skinny newborn legs.)

One Month Old- chubs!

Two Months Old- "Hey, is this thing attached to me?" (Found his hands.)

Three Months Old- "Take the photo quick... before I fall over!"

Four Months Old- "Check it out mom, I have feet! Isn't that cool?"

Five Months Old

Six Months Old- around 16 lbs!

Six months, but laying down. Compare this to his two week photo.... my Little One is growing up so quickly!


  1. Once that big, beautiful grin appeared, it hasn't faded!!! Such a sweetheart!

  2. Isn't it fun to watch them grow?! What an engaging smile he has, and from the very beginning too! He's handsome!!!

  3. :) You'll always be glad you photographed him so consistantly!

    He's definitely a keeper!


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