Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Exciting Day in the San Juans

Napper and Cheerful came up to go out on the boat with us and warm clear weather was in the forecast. It was a perfect day for a visit to the San Juans and we hopped in the boat nice and early and headed out towards one of our favorite islands - James Island. However, we were met with something new on our way there which made us quickly change plans. Check it out!

Hmm, looks a little like a cloud up ahead!

BAM! Um... hello? Anyone out there? Please don't hit us if you are! The fog got so thick, SO quick.

As you can see, it was a little scary so we turned back to where we had last seen blue skies.

The visibility slowly got better, but Napper pointed out that it was actually following us! Thankfully it couldn't keep up with us even though it was traveling in the same direction. It was such a good feeling when we finally got out of the fog!

Once we were out of the fog we felt so relieved to see the blue skies again, and I am sure the captain of this boat was as well! When we were in the fog and had slowed to a crawl, a white fishing boat went speeding past us going the opposite direction. They were a safe distance away from us, but I don't know what they were thinking. With such low visibility I think it was irresponsible, it sure surprised us and I am so thankful we were kept safe. Hopefully they had radar.

The wall of fog.

The tip of Mt. Baker showing over the top.

Since our plans for a visit to James Island were put aside, we decided to make another visit to Lopez Island. Here are Cheerful and Napper in front of Fisherman's Bay.

And us. :)

On our way home, I shot these photos of boats and homes around the bay. It is a beautiful Island.

We decided to go to Friday Harbor for dinner and the water was beautiful!

When we were just about to the harbor, we were alerted by the red Bay Watch boat that we needed to slow way down and stay away because the whales were in the area! We would have totally missed seeing them if they wouldn't have alerted us, as they were quite far away. This is at max zoom and all I caught were splashes and blows. I have one photo with a fluke in it, but it's pretty blurry. There is proof of four Orcas in this photo, but there were many more spotted than four, as I'm fairly certain I saw a lot more than that at once. The Orca Network doesn't have the sighting up yet, and I figure that is on purpose, but here are photos of the Orcas on the 20th. Here are the pictures a local tour boat took of Orcas that day, but in a different area of the San Juans.

Schooner Zodiac

Victoria Clipper III

I love the different tones of the far away islands.

The Little One is all cozy for his nap on the way home.

The harbor seal haul out on the Semiahmoo breakwater.

I like the flock of birds caught mid flight in the background.

Semiahmoo marina and Canadian mountains to the left, Blaine marina to the right and do you see the air balloons?

The lighting was so pretty as we pulled into the marina.

Now THAT'S a piece of driftwood if I've ever seen one! It makes for a beautiful photo opportunity, especially with the water so glassy.

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  1. LOVE these pictures! The things you do on a regular basis are stuff of a dream vacation to me. Someday I'll make it to the San Juans for a paddle, and when I do you better believe I'll be knocking on your door for a visit!


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