Monday, September 12, 2011

The Little One Visits The Northwest WA Fair

We had a lovely day and it was a lovely chance to meet up with some cousins and go to the NW WA Fair in Lynden! It was fun introducing The Little One to all the animals, even though he had no clue what was really going on.

Little piggies- a few in the stall and a few on The Little One.

These crazy eight ponies can run very fast and this is one of the most exciting things to watch! See this video from last year.

The whole gang watching the horse show. Can anyone think of a good blog nickname for Bri's little brother? He is sadly lacking one!

Looking confused. "Now tell me again, what's the point of all these horses running around?"

A fun age - old enough to be interested in what's going on!

I love Bri's dimple!

New to us this year were the chariot races, which were a blast to watch. My favorite was the two horse race, shown in the video below, but the four horse races were fun too.

There were lots of neat booths to look through and I did a little shopping. I bought The Little One his first Schleich animal - a Clydesdale foal, since the draft horses are my favorite.

A John Deere tractor painted pink for breast cancer awareness.

Boys love dump trucks! It was amazing to see that he knew what to do with it as soon as he saw it. He got right down in the grass and started driving it around and collecting rocks to fill up the back.

This little calf was in the nursery and had just been born that morning.

These piglets had been born the Thursday before. They were so cute! There were more piglets than teats so there was a boy in the pen offering a bottle to whoever got left out, that is why you see the two piglets heading off in the other direction. It was amazing to see the size difference between some of these piglets, some were easily twice the weight of their siblings. There were 13 gilts (females) and 3 boars (males.)

Let us know if you want to go to the fair next year! It's a fun fair with lots of great exhibits, rides, shows and tons of animal barns to walk through. We missed out, but on the same day we were at the fair, they made a new world record for most people on a hay ride with 639. They more than doubled the last record at 239 people. They also made a new record for attendance with 43,138 visitors on the Saturday we were there. A lot of people for a small town fair!


  1. That sounds fun! My kids have never been to a fair. Gasp!! So weird, but it always works out that we're camping on the weekend the fair happens. This year we weren't camping... but, ha, we're busy with other things, so no fair for us.

    Bri's brother looks like a little soldier with that haircut! The kids are all so cute.

  2. Ideas for Little Guys' cuz's nickname: Lil' Rich (or -ie, or -es, or -ard), Smiley, Fuzz :), Sailor? He's sure awfully cute!!

  3. Aww... Those little piglets are completely adorable. Looks like lots and lots of fun. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy! Wishing you a happy week. :)

  4. Okay, I think you'd better bring him south before he's walking--he's growing up so fast! Whenever I see those mama pigs at the fair I feel so sorry for them : )

  5. Looks like an awesome time! And congrats to Little One on his first Schleich! Many more to come, I'm sure!!

  6. Just dropped on by and noticed you've had your little guy quite some time ago. A very belated congratulations! Love the name (one of my favorites!) and he is adorable. I hope you are enjoying every little moment of joy and laughter! :-)


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