Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Visit to Lopez Island

We were so happy to have our cousin Brooke come out and visit us once again. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. In the morning it was a little cool, but later in the day the sun burned the clouds away and it was one of the nicest days we could have asked for! We decided to head over to Lopez Island and visit their Farmers Market, which is always entertaining and definitely yummy. It was fun to show Brooke one of our favorite little places to visit.

If you are headed out on a boat, make sure not to forget a hat for your baby or he will end up wearing pants on his head with the legs tied in a knot! At least I had extra pants with me lol.

Do you see the two reef-net fishing boats on the right? Someone stands up high on the ladder and directs the others as to when there are salmon in the net. The San Juan islands are home to the only reef-netting operations in the world, as it is a technique started by the Lummi People. If you are interested in seeing how reef-netting works, click here for a video showing the process.

One of several old reef-net boats discarded on the spit at the mouth of Fisherman's Bay on Lopez island.

A driftwood stringer on sale at the farmer's market.

Our lunch of choice - Cosmic Crepes to the far left of this photo. They also serve gluten-free crepes!

The little one relaxing in the shade under the umbrella of a picnic table. He is almost too big for this elephant onesie - one of the first things I ever bought for him.

Almost everything at the market is local, including these colorful skeins of yarn. They sell honey, jams, hot sauces, vegetables, flowers, seafood, beef, lamb, photography, jewelry, housewares, music, clothing and crafts.

Bass banjo, accordion and mandolin join the singers voice, entertaining us with old fishing songs and folk songs.

Fisherman's Village is home to many old buildings like this one. Each one has a history, one of them is an old lighthouse building from up in Canada somewhere and has been turned into a gourmet chocolate factory.

Fisherman's Bay

Broad-Leafed Peavine


Mom J

This is Lady Washington in the waters near Semiahmoo. It was the busy Blaine Saturday of Drayton Harbor Days, and Lady Washington along with her traveling companion Hawaiian Chieftain were reenacting a battle. You can actually go on a sunset sail and they shoot off the cannon too, which I think would be so much fun to do once The Little One is old enough to appreciate it.

Two tall ships with a couple of local boats thrown in the mix.

I think this shot looks neat in black and white, almost looks like an old photo if it wasn't for the modern sailboat in the background.

Well, If you're ever in the area in early August, make sure to check out Drayton Harbor Days, it's a lot of fun! Lopez Island is also accessible by ferry, so don't feel like it is out of your reach, go for a visit someday! You won't regret it.


  1. Looks like great fun! Your "little one" is looking soooo sweet. Great idea with the pants.

  2. That looks like such a fun day trip! I love the name Semiahmoo, because its fun to say AND because two of the best Suffolk rams I've ever seen were from that of them was named Semiahmoo can you get better name than that?
    I love seeing people play the washtub bass too - how cool! And those yarns, mmm scrumptious colors!

  3. Love the hat--and the baby in it : ) Too cute.


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