Thursday, July 8, 2010

Celebrating in Seattle

Way back before LeAnne got married to my cousin Nate, a really fun day took place and I don't know why I forgot to document it. I must have been on one of my infamous unnanounced blogging breaks. Anyways, back to the story. Sallad, Grace, The Mr. and I spent a day in Seattle with LeAnne to celebrate her engagement and the big change that was soon to come into her life. Here are a few random shots taken throughout the day. It started at Salad and Grace's house, where I cuddled their little boy when he was so new and little, then progressed to shopping in downtown Seattle and ended with a fabulous dinner at The Melting Pot.

Warm and cuddly!

A sweet expression.

Cherry Blossoms

Daffodils not yet blooming on the roof of Pike Place Market. This trip was quite a while ago!

Anthropologie inspiration.


Beautiful one-of-a-kind crochet blanket.

When the guys finally pried us away from Anthropologie, we visited many other stores. One of them was Restoration Hardware at Pacific Place. LeAnne and I put their massive leather couch to good use. It's so deep! I can remember so many visits to this couch with different groups of friends or family, it's a comfy place to sit and rest.

Dinner was at one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at, The Melting Pot. We ordered a four course meal for four (it was more than plenty for five.) The photo above is of the cheese course, which included fresh vegetables, apples and bread for dipping. The second course was salad, and the different salads they offered were so yummy but I can't even remember what they were because we were given several options.

Our main course was indescribable. You would have to taste it to understand how incredibly scrumptious this was. There was brined pork, marinated beef, marinated tuna, kiwi marinated prawns and pot stickers to cook, as well as potatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables to dump in the broth and fish out later to eat with your meat. There were different sauces to try and the meal was unlike any meal I've ever had. My favorite meat was the brined pork, and my second was the tuna cooked for just a short time so it was "seared" in the broth. MMMM!

The last course was dessert, of course! Chocolate with caramel and a liqueur poured on the surface that they started on fire in order to toast the chopped pecans sprinkled on top. Although, we ordered the pecans on the side, so our flames were basically just for show. :)

Strawberries, rice krispie squares, cheesecake, Oreo or graham crumb covered marshmallows, bananas, brownies and pound cake for dipping! MMM. Since I was eating gluten-free, they brought me plain marshmallows and extra fruit like pineapple to dip into some of the mixture that I scooped into a bowl ahead of time. It was so yummy! The staff was very accommodating when it came to discussing how to keep things gluten-free and I would definitely go back again.

Walking back to our car, I looked behind me to see this sight. Cities can be so pretty at night.


  1. Those last photos are really cool! That was an awesome day! Now I feel sorta sad looking at them. LeAnne, come visit!!!

  2. I've spent a little time on that giant leather sofa...

  3. How can you NOT be inspired by Anthropologie? =) Also, your Melting Pot photos made me hungry. I've never been there.


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