Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Visit from Stephy

Our niece Stephy was in the area visiting family and we were able to meet her in Fairhaven one evening with Sallad, Grace and their two kids. It was so cool that they came up to see us, and we had a wonderful evening. We walked around the shops a bit and then ate dinner at my favorite local Thai Food restaraunt, On Rice. They serve awesome food, including the best gluten-free Pad Thai around. After dinner we took a walk along the water on the Pattle Point trestle. It was beautiful!

Stained glass coffee shop window.

Stephy and Bri's sweet little brother. (Yes, he is still nickname-less, any suggestions?)

Experimenting with the camera, I could make the car completely disappear in the shot, but I liked this one best. I am very afraid of spiders, but this one was on the other side of a window from me.

It is stunning when the camera catches a sunbeam so clearly.

We came across a perfectly rusty building that is perfect for portraits. This building was so full of character and I would have taken several photos from different angles, but we ran into a professional photographer around the corner who was using the building already. I definitely want to come back someday. Maybe with one of my sisters who has a fancy-schmancy camera.

I love cloud layers. All the different shades of color and depths and opacities amaze me.

Bellingham ferry dock.

The setting sun lit up a sail as a crew came in for the night.

As we walked along the trestle, Bri found rocks here and there and had a lot of fun throwing them over the edge into the water.

If you ever try shots like these, please make sure your camera strap is securely around your wrist! I'm glad I risked it, because these are some of my favorite shots of Bri. The setting sun cast such a lovely pink glow over her, and she looks so sweet.


  1. Great photos - love the water ones! That seems like so long ago!! :)

  2. You're an awesome photographer! Stunning sunsets!


  3. Wow, you have a post full of stunners!! The dandelion shot is my favorite.


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