Friday, June 25, 2010

A Visit from AJ

Granville Island will always be a place to which I am drawn. With it's tables of fresh fruit, stands of colorful fragrant flowers, handmade wares, local artists singing, creating and entertaining, wonderful foods to taste and beautiful scenery, it is a place where you can't help but relax. Some would say that it would be the last place they could relax, and that they would rather have a wide open wheat field to stare at or a wide smooth body of water in front of them and nothing but the sound of birds chirping to listen to. I would have to agree with them, but I would also stand my ground and say that the hustle and bustle on a little market placed right smack-dab in the center of a huge city is also a place where I can relax. I find it very interesting what is calming or relaxing and what triggers these feelings.

Granville Island will most likely be a place we continue to visit, and a place we continue to take visitors from out of town. On this particular occasion, AJ was in town visiting our mutual friend Dee and her family, and they invited The Mr. and I to join them in visiting the Island. The Island is not really an island at all, unless you count a small trickling stream as something that defines the body of land as being an Island, but that's beside the point. The point is, that once again we had a great excuse to go enjoy ourselves on Granville Island. Oh, and lest I confuse you and you think to yourself "what? AJ was just there?!" I should explain myself and say that this is another post from the archives of my online photo storage and that this visit to the Island took place on April 6th.

Dee and her kids travel in style!

In this post, just a few of days ago, I exclaimed that I loved old weathered grey boards for a background when shooting daffodil photos, and this photo is similar, but the grey background is a city and sky!

Droo and I waited at our table in the market food court while the others got their food. Down at the far end closest to the water is our favorite spot to eat because there are tons of windows to let in light and the view is great.

My supper - a traditional German Cabbage Roll. Scrumptious! Not very photogenic, but very tasty.

Indian food.

Japanese food.

Oh, and AJ! I was so glad she was visiting as it was great to see her again.

Cake modeling a hat for us at Edie Hats. This is a must-see on the Island for all women, whether you like hats or not. There are trendy hats, beautiful hats from long ago, cowboy hats, gorgeous women's felt hats, sun hats, pageboy hats, top hats, this sentence would never end if I tried to name them all.

Outside the hat shop, there is a guest book. It is neat to see that this Island attracts people from all parts of Canada and all over the world by the looks of things!

Dragon Fruit, I was told it is similar to kiwi.

Rambutan. Think this spiky fruit looks weird? Check out this list of 10 Exotic Spiky Fruits, they're amazing and so strange to us here who are used to apples and oranges. I challenge you to find these fruits and try them, just don't ever crack open a durian while indoors. Trust me, Wikipedia calls is a "unique odor" but I think you will recognize it just fine. I haven't tasted any of them as far as I know, but I'd like to some day.

What kind of weird fruit have you tried and liked? Any from the list? I like Lychee, which isn't on the list, but is pretty spiky looking.


  1. Pretty much just the texture of the dragonfruit is similar to a kiwi. It has it's own distinct flavor - a bit remote like an after taste. My kids LOVE them!

  2. Great pictures of Droo! And I know you've had a chance to try durian ;)

  3. I like lychee, too. In China we had the juice of something called Haw, but I never knew what the actual fruit looked like. Recently, the Spouse was on Granville Island on business, and I sent him with a list of places to eat!


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