Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nate and LeAnne's Wedding

LeAnne collected vases and spray painted them black and it looked really sharp. The flowers were picked up locally and a few of the girls arranged them into the vases. At the rehearsal, there were flowers everywhere and amazing amounts of work being done. Almost everything about this wedding was do-it-yourself and it was all wonderful.

Exchanging rings.

The Wedding Party

Bible Talk

Husband and Wife! Congratulations you two, we are so happy for you.

There was a grand piano!

Family picture. This is my family and it now includes LeAnne, since she married my cousin. I couldn't be happier. Well, I guess I could be, if she lived closer!

The dessert buffet was completely hand made. There were white and pink chocolate mints, sugar cookies with pink lemonade icing, three different types of miniature cupcakes, a red velvet wedding cake with cream cheese icing, pink French macarons, lemon tarts, cake pops, almond roca, Mexican tea cookies, nanaimo bars, the list goes on and on as you can see.

Red Velvet Cake

Mini Cupcakes

LeAnne's dress was so beautiful and included this beading one one side of her waist.

A not so innocent look from the new hubby towards his wife. The cutting of the cake is always interesting to watch.

After this photo, there was a lot of icing smearing and cake stuffing that went on. Then Nate cleaned LeAnne's face with a napkin. (Everyone say "awww....")

On each table in the room there were antique tarnished silver pieces holding even more flowers. It was beautiful and I wish I would have got a good shot of the room. My sis did though!

The getaway speech was very good! We will all miss LeAnne and really appreciated what Nate had to say.

The pillow boxes held jellybeans and the miniature brown paper bags held chocolate covered coffee beans. I thought it was cute, because Nate seems like a jelly bean type of guy and LeAnne is definitely a coffee type of girl.


  1. Hey! You got some nice pictures! I loved how the flowers all turned out! Miss you guys, come visit us!!

  2. You forgot to include a picture of the lovely trio who sang!Fun to relive the day. MIL


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