Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Blooms

Here is a collection of photos I snapped as flowers bloomed this Spring. Some are from early April and some are from earlier this afternoon. :) A few little flying creatures snuck in here and there too.


Grape Hyacinth

Volunteer snap dragons from last year. All three plants survived the winter and it was a pleasant surprise as I didn't expect them to come up again this year.

A wasp on my Lily of the Valley bush.

Dogwood Blooms

This is a spectacular year for Dogwood. Usually my tree gets 15-20 blooms, but this year I'm not even going to bother counting. I've seen more blooms this year than any else, and it's not just my tree. There's pink and white everywhere right now. On Lord's day I saw a white dogwood that was at least 25 feet tall and it was positively covered in blooms and so beautiful.

Zinnias. I love these because they have petals three layers deep, and what looks like miniature blooms along the center "button" of the flower.

My first rosebud of the season. This rose plant always blooms well but the leaves get black spots and fall off. The rose was planted by the builders of our home, but this type of rose is not meant for a wet climate and likes to have dry leaves. I always feel so sorry for it! Does anyone have any suggestions other than to replace it?

California Lilac


Dianthus - Maiden Pinks. These flowers are about the size of a quarter.


I also have purple wave petunias blooming, hostas sprouting their flower stalks, dahlia plants about 3" high and gerbera daisies about 1" high. I need to get some fertilizer I think, because I've seen gerbera daisies blooming already, and mine are so far behind. I just love gardening, it feels so good to dig in the dirt and help things grow. I think that it comes from growing up on a farm and seeing my Mom's beautiful garden and flowerbeds. Now that I know how much work it is to take care of my small flowerbeds, I am so blown away by how hard she used to work in the ones back on the farm! So, if you are still reading this... :) tell me what you have blooming and what your favorite plants are so I get some new ideas!


  1. Umm...that's called black spot on the roses and my grandma told me what to do about it. But, typically, I can't remember : ) I had lots of trouble with it in Snoqualmie as well. I never bothered to replace the roses though. They always bloomed fine and I knew the replacements would just end up getting black spot as well.

  2. Its hard not to post flower photos in the spring! I especially like our snowball bush, becauese not only is it big and pretty with lots of blooms, but chilren can stand under it and make a snowstorm by shaking it. (One of the photos on my "Flowers" post shows a couple of the snowballs; the whole bush is over 15' high.)


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