Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chips with a Good Testimony

While shopping at Rite-Aid, I picked up a bag of chips and turned it over to see if it had gluten-free status or not, and I was blown away to find a bible verse! Each flavor had a different verse.

I was intrigued, so I visited their website. Along the left hand side, they have a button right between "distributors" and "contact us" that says "everlasting life." What an amazing testimony as a company to have such an exceedingly clear gospel message right on their website. Below is the last part of the simple 4-part gospel message they share.

Thank you Brim's for sharing this message!


  1. It's always so encouraging to discover things like this! I recently ordered a book of gardening tips to preview, and when it came there was an extra card with 2 calendars (2010 & 2011), plus a clear gospel message in the package. Also, I found 1 John 5:20 included in the "Publisher's Note" in the first pages of the book! It made me want to buy the book, just to support their gospel outreach :)
    We don't have a Rite-Aid in our town, but if we did, I'd go look for those chips...

  2. What a great idea! It is encouraging!

  3. Cool! So lovely to find stuff like this--beyond giving the gospel message to those who need it, it's so neat what an encouragement it is to us believers as well.


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