Monday, June 7, 2010

Petra is Two

Yesterday was Petra's second birthday. On one hand it is hard believe she is two already, and on the other it seems like she has been with us forever. :) She is still as energetic as she was during the puppy stage, although she doesn't chew anymore and she is more obedient. She does a few tricks and can heel while walking unless there is something exciting like a cat crossing her path or another dog walking by. We won't explain what that is like, let's just say she has lots of energy! We love her to bits and I just thought I would share these photos in honor of her birthday yesterday.

Taking a rest with her beloved toy that has lasted longer than anything else belonging to her. It's a plastic squirrel that used to smell like vanilla and squeak and not be missing 2/3 of it's body. Seriously the best toy for a dog.

Napping is one of her favorite things. Oh man I just love her velvety jowls!


  1. Dog sleep is a very deep, sleepy sleep.

  2. she reminds me of lucy even though lucy is an american bulldog and white!

  3. Happy Birthday Petra! You have brought a lot of joy and fun into the lives of those who love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Petra! What is it about droopy velvety jowls?! They're just so precious!


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