Thursday, June 10, 2010


Colorful sailboats and far away rain as seen from Elliot point at the Mukilteo waterfront. Sallad and Grace invited Mom J, The Mr. and I to share their evening bonfire. This was the day before Mother's day and one of the best days weather-wise for a long time so the beach was crowded with laughing kids, dads flipping meat on the grill and moms gathered together chatting. It was such a nice atmosphere and super relaxing.

Bri is all pink!

The Mukilteo waterfront at Lighthouse Park has huge stone fire-pits that are perfect for bonfires. Hotdogs and s'mores anyone?

Ahhhh, lovely sunshine!

This photo was taken by holding the lens of my sunglasses in front of the camera lens.

Another sunglass lens photo.

See the amazing reflector? Light reflectors like this are made of glass and are around 3 feet tall. When we were at Fort Casey with Hosh and Jolly, they had a couple of reflectors on display and I was so surprised at the intricacy and beauty of something so practical.

Bri and her Grandma.

The ferry coming in. It was neat to see the ferry come and go several times throughout the evening.

I love her silhouette outlined by the sun.

Sleepy boy.

Some of the sailboats made it quite close, just across from us. The view at this park is so beautiful, as it includes ocean shore, forest and a background of mountains.

Watching the sun as it sets is so relaxing. It is one of the reasons I love summer in the Pacific Northwest.

The sunset gave a pink cast to everything.

Sailboats and mountains turned pink.

Then we saw the orange! I think my favorite part of the sunset is directly after the sun disappears. The sky is bright and the land is a silhouette against it.

Calm water takes on stripes as it laps against the beach.


  1. Such a lovely set of photos!

  2. Beautiful! Love all the photos! That was a spot we spent a lot of time when I was a kid, it always makes me smile when I think of it. :-)


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