Monday, June 14, 2010

Cloverdale Rodeo and Fair

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to spend a day at the Cloverdale Country Fair in Cloverdale, BC with the E family and Droo's family. There were a couple of cute shows to see, lots of singers of all ages, yummy fair food, animals and of course, rides for the two E girls.

The E girls, Ted and MoMo.

Holstein Calf

Cake checking out how honey is made.

Lots of straw hats.

One beautiful horse, one man with a sore back.

Check out that facial expression. Ouch.

Barrel racing.

All four feet off the ground. It happens all the time during bronc riding, but I found it hard to catch a clear shot with the camera. I think this one catches it the best.

This horse just didn't want to budge! Look at that stance. He's basically sitting on the chute!

Mane and tail action, beautiful. Horses are such majestic creatures.

Look at that mouth! This horse was ANGRY.

So angry, that it headed straight for the fence and bucked this Seattleite right over the fence.

The Crowd

Two of the clowns.

I was glad to see several of the bull riders wearing helmets and face masks. I wouldn't want to be around any of these bulls, those guys who rush in to distract the bulls after the rider falls off are crazy if you ask me.


Bucking broncs bare-back riding and a little Mutton Busting thrown in for fun.


  1. Momo and Ted really enjoyed seeing your pics, great memories!

  2. Mane & tail shot is great! Also love the cowboy going over the fence. Both are worthy of funny captions.

  3. Great to see a farm girl still appreciating her roots. Last time I tried that I ended up with a cast on my arm!

  4. Chatty, your pics are AWESOME! Nothing like a good rodeo. :-) Especially all your bronc pics--so great! :-)

  5. Great pics Coralee!! takes some talent to catch those! ;)
    ~ruth j.~


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