Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hosh and Jolly's Visit

My Mom as well as my sister Jolly and her family were here for a visit! We got to spend a lot of time together and do a ton of fun things while they were here. It was so good to see Hosh and Jolly as well as their two kids Kitten and Buster. It was my first time meeting Buster as he is just four months old and it was so good to hold him and squeeze him and love him. The photos over at my sister's blog have been great, but it just isn't the same as getting to see her kids in real life. Buster has quite the little personality and smiles easily. He is famous for spitting up and then directly giving you the sweetest smile on the planet. Kitten is still her normal adorable self. She makes me giggle and I have a camera card full of photos of her because she is always doing something silly that you want to record.

They arrived on the evening of LeAnne's Paris wedding shower so when I got home I had company waiting for me. This photo was taken the next morning, Lord's Day, bright and early, before she messed up her hair, as she is famous for doing.

If Kitten sees Buster laying on the floor or the bed, she'll rush over and pick him up with one hand behind his back and one arm between his legs. She squirms him onto her lap and holds him and loves him... for a moment.....

.....then quickly offers him to you instead lol. He had just pulled her pigtail braid and she wasn't impressed so she was ready to get rid of him. She is seriously talented at getting this guy onto her lap though, it's quite funny to watch.

My maternal Grandpa playing crokinole, a family tradition and local favorite.

Buster's famous smile.

It was this day that we discovered Kitten's grasp of the iPhone. She knows that thing like the back of her hand.

Showing Beth Gamma's iPhone.

I love fluffy a.m. hair and pudgy cheeks.

And I love kids that are happy in the a.m.!

Kitten loves Petra even if she won't pet her. She loves teasing her and watching the reaction. Kitten almost pet her a couple of times but mostly just jumped around right out of Petra's reach and laughed when Petra got all excited.

Save me Gamma!

Kitten is a very affectionate little girl and I miss that already. I can't wait till The Mr. and I visit them this summer for the Regina Bible Conference and we can touch foreheads once again.

Grandpa and Grandma came over for dinner on Tuesday. (Great grandparents to Kitten and Buster.)

A family picture. Top Row L to R: Grandpa, myself, The Mr., Hosh. Bottom Row: Grandma, Auntie H (Grandpa's sister), Kitten, Jolly, Buster and my Mom.

Three of the days they were here were spent shopping. Can you spot the living mannequin? The living mannequin also snitched the bone from the fake doggy.

Buster and The Ball. The Ball was won from a claw machine at Bellis Fair Mall by a daddy who may or may not have been a little tired of us gals shopping. Don't ask him how much this ball cost him. Let's just say that the claw machine had a sign saying something to the effect of "This game is rated for 100% skill." Ha ha.

Wednesday night on our way to Prayer Meeting, we stopped at the White Rock waterfront for Sushi at Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant. The rolls and sushi here were excellent and very fresh. They also had an employee who was very knowledgeable and helped me learn that sushi rice is not gluten-free and that I need to be ordering my sushi with regular rice (no vinegar or seasonings.) He was SO helpful and I will be forever glad that he was working when we visited as I love sushi and wasn't sure why I was getting sick in the past.

Kitten exploring with chopsticks.

They work!

Kitten and Ioi's Emma playing together at Prayer Meeting that night.


  1. Hey! you actually got a REALLY good family pic the night g'ma and g'pa came for supper! Cool!

  2. Aw, so fun! This post makes me excited, but also a little sad... excited because I finally get to be an aunt a few times over this year, and sad because my nieces are both going to be so far away too!! That sushi looks awesome, I've been craving sushi badly! I had no idea that sushi rice wasn't gluten free--I never would have guessed that! Weird! Glad you guys had such a great time!

  3. So, was Grandpa playing Carrom or Crokinole? The link you gave showed mostly what we call crokinole which is Grandpa's favourite board game. Crokinole buttons have no hole in the center but the board has a hole in the center. At least in SK thats the way it goes.

  4. Dad- you are right! I was misled because the top Wikipedia photo for Carroms has corner pockets so small you can barely see them! Grandpa was indeed playing crokinole, thanks for the correction! :)

  5. What adorable kids. I bet you are a terrific aunt. I have all boys, but I have been blessed to have 4 nieces who live close by. When they were little I loved doing their hair.


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