Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Shower for LeAnne

Heather E. and I got together and planned a wedding shower for LeAnne. The theme was "A Weekend in Paris" and everything was French and Paris themed. We had black and white photos of Paris scenes, bunting and garland strung here and there, French music, fancy food, French signs and a lot of guests. It was so much fun! All of the local ladies pulled together so much yummy food that this post will predominately be food photos as a result. These ladies can really cook!

A "Hello" greeting as you enter the front door.

My contribution to the food table tables was dark chocolate fondue with fruit.

Heather E. made crepes on a little funky retro crepe maker and they looked perfect.

A fancy salad that is missing it's lovely pears. A few photos down you can see what it looked like right before it was served.

"The Bathroom."

Round garland hung above the kitchen.

Multi-colored bunting hung along the walls in the living room. I made the bunting and garlands with card stock, black thread and my sewing machine.

Heather E. put together this piece of art for LeAnne to take to her new home with her. It was surrounded by smaller prints as well.

This is LeAnne playing the most evil game that I have ever had to play. Someone stuffs a bag with all sorts of miscellaneous fun clothing and then they blindfold you, tell you some sort of silly story and then tell you that you must put on every item that is in the suitcase. You can't see, you get no help at all and you end up looking like a weirdo. In LeAnne's case we'd like to call it the Retro-Ballerina-Hawaiian-Tourist look.

She will thank me for not posting the photos of the finished product. It's all my cameras fault because it magically set itself on landscape mode... or maybe it was user error.

Okay, here is where I can't type without drooling. Steamed asparagus, two different types of baked phyllo pastry Brie cheese, beef bourguignon, escargot stuffed mushroom caps and steamed mussels with a really yummy sauce.

The gifts waiting to be opened.

Baguettes for the baked Brie.

My plate. I'm a carnivore and proud of it.

The second game we played was a modified Taboo game. I wrote up the cards myself so that they were all somewhat wedding shower themed.

Moses patiently waited for someone's plate to topple onto the floor.

The Eiffel tower on the coffee table is from Target and went home with LeAnne. I love shower decor that is part of the gift. It's like the wedding version of a diaper cake.

LeAnne and Grace's son (Bri's little brother.)

Banana and Butler get to know each other a little better while their mommas visit.

Butler was certain that Banana wanted a big-slobbery-kissy-hug, but Banana wasn't sure. :)


  1. Ohh my...I like your get-togethers, that food looks amazing and the games how fun!!

  2. Wow! You aren't kidding about the food! I'm drooling!

  3. I think that was the best shower I've hosted yet. Thank you for all your help. Having a theme to build off of was great, but having an expert party decorator like yourself was even better! There's no way i could have done that!


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