Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I uploaded a ton of photos and then life happened and things were busy and my posting has been sparse once again. So now I will just play a little bit of catch up. I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of what happened in the first few months of this year! :) These photos seem so old now, but I couldn't resist posting them since they were already uploaded, and they held good memories as well.

At our assembly in Richmond, BC. most of us live 30-45 minutes away so we spend the whole day at the meeting room. It makes for a lot of fun photo moments and here I have just captured a few of them. These kids will have some fun memories to look back on some day.


Little D


A tiny hand of one who is not so tiny any more- Droo's sister Ruth, who has a new nickname of Banana. These photos are from a photo session at their home, and I couldn't resist putting her in the basket, just like Cake.

She smiles like this all the time now, but at this age it was a special treat!

Banana definitely doesn't fit into her mommy's hat basket anymore!

So sweet!


I love those lips and cheeks.

Babysitting the Nuggets.

The view out the window at Anthony's Home Port- we were eating our Valentines dinner a day early.

Valentines day at Garry Point in Richmond, BC.

The man had incredible control over his kite. The kite would do tricks in the air and then come down over the water, touch one tip to the water and glide in that position over the top of the water, leaving a perfect wake behind it. So beautiful!

Garry Point

It seems so rare to catch a photo of a sunbeam, but it happened twice in a row.

Garry point artwork.

Colorful local homes.

Steveston Wharf in Richmond BC is right beside the park at Garry Point.

Our "Starbucks name" is Tom, it's just easier that way.

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  1. "life happened" ... yup, that sounds about right :) Thanks for taking all those pictures of Banana, and those pictures of sunbeams are impressive!


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