Friday, May 14, 2010

The Woodland Park Zoo

A little video of the funny moments throughout the day.

A peacock greeted Hosh, Jolly, Kitten, Buster, my Mom and I at the South entrance of the Woodland Park Zoo. The Mr. was at work and my dad was back at the farm seeding the land, as he's a farmer and it's Spring. Here is a list of all the animals at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Sniffing the flowers?

Reminded us all of the goats we used to have as kids. We had a goat named Zeke that looked just like the picture above, and two white dwarfs named Gus and Matilda who had a couple sets of twins while at the farm. The best part about having goats was watching the babies romp and play. They were so energetic and cute! Once we saw a baby jump up onto it's mothers back and stand their for a bit until she moved under him and he jumped off.

This miniature donkey looked seriously depressed, as it never blinked an eye or swished a tail. It was very cute and cuddly looking, but not as cute as the smallest horse in the world!

A Pink Flamingo.



These are Poison Dart Frogs, see the blue one and the yellow one? There were more colors I think, but this is all I could get a photo of.

Green Python

Colobus Monkeys

Colobus Monkey. A quote from Kitten after a monkey yawned, "He has sharp teeth!"

This monkey was very territorial over the girl. When the couple was walking past the enclosure, they noticed the monkey watching the guy very closely. When they moved in for a closer look, they discovered what the video shows. Every time the guy touched the girl, the monkey freaked out! You can also hear Kitten say "wanna go see him" at the beginning of this movie. Crazy girl, I definitely wouldn't want to be in the same cage as this monkey! She also says "he has tongue" and acts it out for us, and near the end when the monkey gets all scary looking she laughs and says something like "he has cute hands."


This young gorilla was the only one in the bunch that had the energy to move around. While we were watching, it ran around in circles, threw straw up into the air and climbed to the very top of the climbing apparatus. It was so entertaining to watch.

Kitten was a little excited. She just loved seeing the animals. She knew the names for quite a few of them, always wanted to get a lot closer than the Zoo allowed (yikes) and always had a comment like "he has cute hands" or "he is soft" or "he likes such and such."

Buster was a happy boy too! He is full of expressions just like Kitten.

Sun Bear

Sloth Bear- see the strange fat bottom lip they have?

Sumatran Tigers

Kitten finding the way. I wouldn't trust her with that map!

"Hmmm, just where are we?"

Snow Leopard




Grey Wolf

Right before I snapped this shot, Kitten told us the bear was cute, that it was her friend and then asked if she could have one, and also asked us over and over "go see it?" As in, go right up to it and say hello. Kids are so naive! She said this about several different scary looking animals. She also would say this about slugs. "Snug is cute, snug is (Kitten's) friend!)

Grizzly bear. I love his posture lol!

Lake Otters

Mountain Goat

The same grizzly as the shots a few pictures up, except he has made his way over to a log and decided he was done sitting for the day and it was now time for the "cute bear sleeping on the log" pose.

Kitten, Jolly and I.

The Orangutan enclosure looked oddly like a bunch of homeless people sleeping in a ravine, as most of them were sleeping with burlap sacks pulled up over them. So funny!

This little one was way up high in a tree, which made him eye level to us, as we were walking on a tall platform.

This was the biggest one we saw, and he just happened to be right up against the glass. His face was huge and flat, and the only thing we saw move was his eyes.

See how flat his face is? It was right up against the glass, so when you put your hand there, you were just the thickness of the glass away from touching him. It was a strange feeling!

African Elephant

Common Seattle Squirrel lol. This was not behind bars.


One lonely duckling and it's momma was swimming in the moat around the lion enclosure. It was so funny to see! Swim little duckling, swim far far away!

Reticulated Giraffe

The same lion from the other side of the enclosure.

Hippopotamus. We watched the hippos swim around for a bit and once one of the Hippos blew a big spray of water into the air with a huge gust of air, from his mouth or nostrils I am sure. Kitten started laughing and exclaimed loudly, "He pooped!" and then corrected herself and said "He tooted!" She was so excited over it ha ha.

Jolly, Mom, Hosh and Kitten above the hippo pond.

The Zebras and Hippo's share an African Savanna exibit with several other types of four legged animals, an ostrich and some monkeys. During good weather, the Giraffe's are in here too.

The brightest Peacock I have ever seen. This guy was seriously beautiful beyond words.

"Danger Stay off Railing" (I guess Peacocks can't read?)

There was also an Ostrich in the Safari enclosure.

This Zebra looks like it needs a bath, or maybe children's books just aren't illustrated properly. :)

Fringe Eared Oryx

That evening we went to Pepper Sisters in downtown Bellingham for dinner. Kitten got a Shirley Temple, I used to love those as a kid!

Hosh told Kitten that the salsa was hot, so she proceded to dip her chip into it and blow on it to "cool it down." :)

On Lord's day evening we went to The Woods Coffee at Birch Bay Square and it was a hit as always, but I don't think Buster really cared.

A milkshake mustache.

Kitten giving Buster some love.


More kisses! What you don't see in this shot, is that between kisses she is hugging him and rocking him to smithereens. She loves that kid and it's hilarious to watch.


  1. It's difficult for me to choose my favorite shot, but the sitting Grizzly is somewhere near #1. The peacock tail close-up would look great enlarged & matted, but I bet you already thought of that!

  2. Very pretty pictures - those peacocks are amazing!

  3. How pleasant to see all the animal at the zoo without having to do all the walking. Good shots of all the animals and the cute kids. The peacock sitting on the fence with its tail trailing behind is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
    Mom J

  4. Wow! Cool and fun post! LOVE all the animal pics and both videos are so funny! :)
    Going to the zoo with kids is so much more entertaining. :D

  5. What wonderful memories, beautiful pics and beautiful grandkids!!

    Mom B


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