Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whistler Day 3

On our third day in Whistler, it was sunny and cold but not cold enough to stay inside as it was too beautiful for that! We all bundled up and headed over to Lost Lake, following signs that Mrs. Missouri had earlier noticed. I am so glad she saw those signs and that they prompted her to express a desire to go check out the lake! We ended up going for a short sightseeing walk and Lost Lake was breathtaking. I will let the photos do the explaining!

A field near Lost Lake that I think is a golf course in the summer, as there was a pond with a bridge over it.


The green color in this stream is so faint and pretty.

Bri and Stella

Thankfully the ice was thick so no one went swimming. :)

Oh really, cold water?!

How serene! It was neat to see the swimming platform frozen in place too.

The hoarfrost on the tree to the right reminded me of my parents farm yard in the winter. It is very rare for us to get hoarfrost where we live, so seeing it here was fun. It is so full of sparkle and so beautiful!

Tephums, the youngest member of the Missouri family.

Frost formations on tiny blades of grass that stuck out of the ice along the edge of the lake.

A little bit too much sun flare, but pretty still!

A frosty wreath on a bench donated in memory of a loved one.

Crystals of frost along the bridge handrail.

Ice formations in the stream.

These ones remind me of the lid and straw from a fast food cup!

This was the first time I'd ever seen a child so small hold a blanket around herself to keep warm. Don't worry, she wasn't that cold, but it was cute for sure!

Stella and Grace

This time she's with me...

Lacey delicate hanging moss.

I love the bright green color of moss in contrast to snow.

Back in the village we walked around and shopped for a bit before eating lunch at Splitz, which is an awesome hamburger joint. It's off the beaten path/Village Stroll and is found on Main street in Whistler. It is definitely worth visiting as everyone really liked it. (I packed my own gluten free food in my purse, I'm a smuggler of contraband!)

A weather vane on top of a gazebo. When I was taking this shot, some lady came up to me, looked over my shoulder, turned to me and glared and then walked away. There are some strange people out there! I guess she thought I was the strange one - maybe she was right?

Ticket booth for the 2010 Olympics!

It always surprises me to see the French words on the Canadian Starbucks cups, it's been almost 8 years since I've lived in Canada.

A place everyone should visit while in Whistler is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We came out with caramel corn, chocolate mint fudge, tiger butter fudge (chocolate peanut butter with toppings) and a bear claw that probably had 1/4 lb cashews in it and tons of chocolate and caramel.


  1. If I had to choose a favorite photo from this post...I'd be in trouble...but I think that it would have to be the ice formations in the stream with the berries. Gorgeous! I can just see it hanging on the wall. Thanks for all the fun photos. And thanks also for making me starving with that little end bit : ) Good thing I have a pan of cinnamon rolls all ready to put in the oven for a birthday breakfast for Ezra!

  2. Wow! That looks like some beautiful country up there! All of the ice crystals and frost look so pretty! Makes me want to go visit there.

  3. Wow, gorgeous pics! Looks like a fun time... Stella's hat is adorable--I have hat envy. :-) Bri holding her blankie, so cute!

  4. Love the ice and frost pics! Hope you're starting to feel better. Sounds like you've had a rough time of it lately. :(

  5. Tracy, yes I am feeling better! 10 days later... uugh!

  6. Beautiful photos. I like the way you follow up the long, cold walk pictures with images of food, warm drinks and sweets!

  7. Wicked post Chatty! I LOVED the photo's of your walk. It looked like a winter fairy tale! I also LOVE hoarfrost and hope to snag a few photo's here if I ever get the chance! Also, the last picture with all the candy - you have no idea what you are doing to me with all this torture!! I hope one day Farm Boy, Buckeroo and I can take a trip to Whistler. I have always wanted to go there and it looks SO nice!


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