Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Turkey and all the fixins, three days off, family from near and far and beautiful surroundings at Mt. Baker Lodge made it a lot of fun. Even the drive up to the lodge is beautiful - it is so relaxing to watch the river and the moss covered trees go by.

Grace and I set the Thanksgiving table before everyone arrived.

I should have lit the candles for this photo.

Candles add so much to the atmosphere. My favorites were the ones along the window sill that glimmered as they reflected in the glass.

Feeding 21 people is so much easier when you have a professional kitchen to work with and lots of ladies to divide the cooking up. It was an awesome meal! Thanks ladies for all your hard work! Thanks as well for all the awesome baking and snacks and meals everyone provided while we were up at the lodge.

Marshmallow and toothpick tower building the day after Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have a ton of time to relax, hang out together and play games.


Mario Kart

The fate of the marshmallow towers.

A tour of the Mt. Baker dam.

Behind the dam. The water churns because this is the area where the water comes out after it is used to make hydro power.

Inside the dam.

Above the dam.

On top of the dam.

Salmon at the hatchery.


Graham cracker house building.

A picnic... very cold!

Heading out for a hike, I thought the moss covered trees were so neat.

Blurry, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo anyways because of it's bright color. There are a lot of mushroom photos in this post but they only make up for about half of the different mushroom varieties we saw that day.

Massive fallen tree with Mr. and Mrs. W³.

A strange mushroom that looks like it should be some sort of a sea creature in my opinion.

A tiny mushroom.

See? It really is tiny!

Back at the lodge, more games were played.

Have you EVER seen anyone win this soon? Poor Sallad. I think The Mr. was happy. :)

Our graham cracker houses from the day before were ready to decorate, so we dug in. This was so much fun!



This one was decorated by the newly wed and the other side of the roof said the name of her hubby!

Sallad and Grace's house. Very elaborate! I just have to add a huge thank you to Sallad and Grace for all the hard work they put into our Thanksgiving get together. Thanks for booking the lodge, planning for our stay there, bringing activities for everyone to do, giving a tour of the dam etc. Thank you!


  1. Your photos are great! Great memories :)

  2. Hey I remember playing Othello as a kid! They must make them magnetic now? Interesting.

    Lots of gorgeous NW pictures, but I still like the first one of the trees and the winding road in the fog. Pretty! Love the table decorations for the big feast!

  3. Lily- nope, not magnetic, he's just holding it carefully. :)

  4. Wow! You take such great pictures! That looks like a very fun time. The lodge is such a great place for a family get together with space for all.Love all your micro pictures of bits of nature!

  5. Awesome, awesome, super awesome photos, such a great eye!!!! I want to go hiking with you!


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