Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warming the E's House

This summer the E family moved into a new home and invited us all over for a housewarming. I did grab my camera once while I was there and get a few shots so here they are. I hope you enjoy the colors and cuteness and smiling faces as much as I do. I love it when I can go back into the archives and see photos that make me smile. It's chilly and rainy outside at the moment so I was just now going through my "My Pictures" folder to see if there were some cheery colorful photos to post. I found a lot of things I thought I blogged about and didn't. Fourteen different events actually, so we'll have to see whether or not my brand-new blogging "to do" list helps me be a little less tardy about blogging. I really hope it does because I miss blogging on a regular basis and I know it drives at least one of my readers crazy to keep checking my blog and see the same old post over and over. (Hi Dad... I love that you read my blog.)

Moses and Aaron

Subtle pinks are so beautiful, what an amazing Creator we have.

T models the new swing set.

Droo full of cheese. (This is his "cheese" smile.)

Dolly and Chiquita


Mr. E had the honors of being king of the BBQ.

Do not dismay, the rest of the walls in the home are earth tones. The girls were given free reign in choosing the colors for their rooms and the result is that the hallway glows with the pinkness radiating from these rooms!

I love chandeliers! They have a really cool one hanging in their front entry way.

Back outside, Baby Cake masters the art of eating with utensils, just look at her concentration! I don't know where she gets it, as her older brother Droo is certainly not teaching her. Just dig right in girl... use those hands!

After supper there was time for a lively competitive game of Bocce.


  1. Wow, that seems so long ago! I love the picture of Ted in the ropes, and you can be sure that the girls rooms have not been that tidy since that day!
    Great memories!

  2. You give me inspiration to post about things that happened months ago that I never got around to blogging!

    I agree, very cute picture of T in the rope. I love the one of Emma too, we have a similar photo of her from the same event...must have been around the same time!


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