Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Blue...

... ♪ We're sailors thro' and thro'
The best you ever knew ♫ ....

Okay so maybe not. But was it ever fun! Dave Z. took The Mr. and I out on his sailboat in September and even though it was supposed to be nice and breezy, it turned out fairly calm. We did get the sailboat going just over 5 knots at one point though, which was fun. Here's the photos from the day. It started out cloudy but ended up so sunny that I got a sunburn. It was such a beautiful day!

Volitation means "the act of flying; flight." This is a seriously beautiful boat. Inside there is room for people to sleep and eat and hang out. There's lots of wood and a cute kitchen and plenty of room to move around. There is an etched glass splash guard installed behind the sink that says "Yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind. Psalm 18:10." very fitting for the name of the boat and the profession of the captain!

Baby harbor seals.

There were a few others out there as well, sailboats are so pretty.

Hello Mr. Sun!

The boat has teak woodwork, which is so much prettier than fiberglass.

Hmmm, where are we going again? Backwards?

Captain Dave

Looking a little better!

Container Ship

Putting up the gennaker. Don't know what that is? Well it's sort of a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker if that helps at all. It means nothing to me! All I know is that the gennaker sail makes you go faster if you need help in that area, which we did.

Dave's is custom made and it was either him or a family member that designed it, I can't remember.

Dave "flying a kite." The gennaker needs constant adjustments.

No more clouds!

The Mr. playing captain.

Back in the marina I couldn't resist this shot. Doesn't the name suit the boat? And I love how reflective water can be.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day on the water!

  2. The Mr. looks just like a sea captain...and Ingrid is perfect for that boat. The boys and I are studying Vikings, so I have names like Astrid, Ingrid, Knut on the brain.

  3. Oooh, that looks like so much fun! Nothing like sailing, I've heard. It's funny, Steve and I were just talking last night about the things people name their boats and cars and wondering what "The Mr." and Dave named theirs! So...thanks for enlightening us!


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