Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunset Colors

The Birch Bay sunset never ceases to amaze me! What an awesome Creator we have!

I love those last rays of the sun when they shoot out from behind the peaks of the islands.

Not so beautiful as the sunset, but Petra had a lot of fun sticking her head under the water looking for the crab shells. Her favorite crunchy snack.... YUCK! You can see in the video below that she is not afraid of getting a little wet.


  1. Petra's snack seems so...un-doglike!

  2. How are your parents doing? 'Hope everyone is mending quickly!

  3. ioi- well, my parents are not getting worse, that is what is important! They are on the mend but it looks like it is going to be slow going for my mom. Both of them have very low energy. I only have the symptoms of a normal cold so that is nice.

    For those who didn't hear, THE dreaded flu bug is going through our house, yes THAT one.

  4. Ewww, crunchy crabs! Cute picture, though! And great sunset ones, too.

    Hope you are feeling better there. We're prayin' for y'all!

  5. Beautiful pictures and cute video!

  6. Beautiful sunset pics!! Fun dog pic/video too. :-)


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