Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Autumn

It is hard to believe summer is already over. I have already brought out my fall decorations and candles. I'm ready for sweaters and tea and cozy blankets and crochet and a fire in the fireplace. Here are some photos I took yesterday.

The last rose.

A tea cup from my grandmother C.


On the hutch.

Mountain Ash

Burning Bush

Steaming Earl Grey

'Tis the season for scarf wearing!

In the kitchen- it's time for applesauce!

Gerber Daisies


  1. What a beautiful hutch you have. I'm afraid you'll have to wait on sweaters and scarves for today anyway, when I checked the weather for Seattle before leaving it said it was supposed to be upper 80's today!

  2. Brooke, it's around 60º here today. We're close to the water so it's cooler here I guess!

  3. I'm gonna come steal your scarves, ok?

  4. You are sure on the ball! I was thinking about doing the same, but when it is 93 degrees out it is hard to get in the right frame of mind. Maybe I can do it Thursday if we get the fog that is forcasted :-) Love a good cup of tea no matter the temp! You ever make chai? I have a homemade recipe that I LOVE! Course, you have to use whip cream on it! Your decorations are perfect, especially like the pinecone wreath!

  5. I am so sad fall is on it's way! Sure it's beautiful and everything but when fall comes you know winter is not too far away! And you know Saskatchewan winters are NEVER fun! Plus being 9 months pregnant and then having a newborn through all of summer, I didn't get much of a chance to relax and enjoy the weather! But none-the-less lovely pictures :)

  6. Love this collection of pics... that tea cup from your gramma is gorgeous!! I've been enjoying looking at all the fun stuff Aunt G got from her too. :-) SO happy Autumn is on it's way. :-)

  7. I want to come to your house!!!!!
    I love all your stuff, love it!!


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