Friday, September 25, 2009

NW Washington Fair 2009

Sheared sheep feel like lush carpet.


It seemed like everyone was sleeping in the baby animal area!


10 Little Piggies

This is Ben. He weighs 3,240 lbs and is over 6' tall. Whoa.

A fearless toddler ran into the 4H ring while being chased after, it was so cute! He just wanted to go see the moo moos.

Ford NAA, not sure what year dad but it ends in a "4." This tractor was restored by some guy named Jim Shelton and was originally from Saskatchewan, Canada!

Bearded Dragon

Awwck, Hello!?

My Snack

The Mr.'s Snack

A picture for mom- look at these beautiful quilts! There was a whole building of them.

I used to love rides, now I'm not so sure. I know I love roller-coasters (the bigger, the better) but I don't know anymore about round and round!

I don't know if I would trust a ride that looks like a caterpillar on a high of some sort and has already been in a few accidents. Nevertheless, the car was full of kids!

Paul Isaak eats fire, juggles, shaves while juggling, escapes from being wrapped tightly in plastic wrap etc. etc. It's funny!

Can't remember this guys name, but he was very talented and it was a great show.

Watch the video below to see his different talents. He plays great guitar and banjo, as well as sings a song about Chinese food and cats called "The Cats in the Kettle."

The rabbit barn made me miss Thumper!

In the bird barn there were so many beautiful birds. This is a Yellow Golden Pheasant.

It's funny how alert chickens look.

Check out the stripe!

I love these horses! This team was my favorite.

Miss Lynden Rodeo 2009.

Miniature horse teams are so hilarious! At one point they all run around the ring at once and it is hilarious! Make sure to watch the video below!

When the huge horse teams first came out, it was one by one and they competed in how well they can control their teams. It is amazing the control they have! Once they had to back the trailer up to two poles in the ground. I couldn't even do that with my car first try.

Cowboy rope tricks.

This is a family that does old cowboy tricks. The dad is a sharpshooter and shot balloons from the back of his horse.


Vegetables that made me want to have a garden.


I had a turkey leg for supper, The Mr. had a bratwurst with all the fixin's and curly fries. After came dessert of course! This was The Mr.'s and I had a candy apple.

The end of the day was SO cold! A total change of weather, as the rest of the day was just perfect.


  1. Wow, looks like fun! I'll definitely have to show Chasm the "Cat in the Kettle," he'll love it !!!

  2. What fun pictures! The kids loved looking at all the cute animals!

  3. Oh my goodness! The ring of fire is the WORST ride ever. It made me feel so sick. And I love Dahlias! They are so beautiful!!! I love how they're in those green bottles. So fun.

  4. Aw, the Dahlias, and canning. My favs. I don't ride fair rides, but I love amusement park rids... fair rides scare me with the carnys... if you can't take care of your teeth I don't trust you to put together and keep operable a large mechanical device that sends me flying through the air. That's just my opinion. :-)

  5. Wow, looks like lots of fun! At all the fairs I've ever been to (cloverdale mainly) we've only seen all the games/prize winning booths, rodeos, food and rides! I don't know if we missed a section before but all the animals, canning, flowers, quilts looks like something I would really enjoy! I'll have to look harder next time we're at a fair.

  6. We missed the canning, flowers, and vegetables too (and the horses and sheep). But I feel better because you got such good pictures and I can at least see it through your blog! (grin!)
    The fair is much to see and do and eat and see and do and eat and...well, that's how I feel when I'm there - it's over stimulation bigtime! It's a great place to go if you like spending LOTS of money (but not good if you're poor).


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