Friday, September 18, 2009

Sir and Ioi's Annual E.O.S. BBQ

Sir and Ioi once again pulled off their annual End of Summer BBQ. It was a great time as always and everyone came away stuffed full of scrumptious food. Ioi made her famous skewers of teriyaki marinated beef with veggies and Sir did a great job barbecuing them all to perfection. Or at least that is what it looked like, as The Mr. and a few other guys were eating them like they were candy! Here are a few photos I snapped while at the BBQ. I apologize that there is neither a photo of Sir or Ioi, but they were very busy keeping everyone fed and watered! Thank you both once again for such a wonderful time! Please continue to make this a yearly event, all your hard work is much appreciated.

Bashful's youngest is now a speedy crawler and it is so fun to watch him explore.

Those eyes.... swoon!

This photo includes about half the group that was able to attend the BBQ. I did take a photo of the other half of the group, but it ended up being a not-very-flattering photo for a few people that are in it (think mouths full of dinner) so you will have to thank me if you are not in this photo.

Emma and Cake chillin'. I love the huge hunk of meat in Cake's hand. I wonder if she even ate it? She really prefers a vegetarian menu that's easy to chew.

Oh oh, Shy's coming in for the kill. The cup was caught just in time but not before I snapped a photo. :) I also have to mention that Crush brand cream soda is the best and that I love it and that it is not available in the USA, so drinking it at the BBQ was a huge treat and that yes, it is neon red if there is such a thing.

Peter went ahead and set up The Mr's empty skewers in an interesting display of how much he had eaten, let's count shall we?

That is NINE. Wow, talk about hollow leg.

Little D enjoying his cheese puffs. Really, really enjoying them as we can see!

Emma handing out books for the hymn sing.

Birthday cupcakes were made and candles were blown out but I missed that action. What I do know is that not only does Little D enjoy cheese puffs, he also enjoys cupcakes, or at least the icing from several of them.

This photo pretty much sums up the math equation below:
little kids + soda + icing licked off of cupcakes= chaos!


  1. I love that last picture. Thank you for posting about our bbq... at the rate I'm going, I'll never get it blogged!

  2. That picture of D is so cute! It's so him!

    Where does the Mister store the food he eats? Wow!


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