Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sucia with Friends

Phone Guy and Sjo were here for a visit a couple weeks ago and we had the opportunity to take them out on our boat for the first time. We decided to take them to Sucia Island and show them how calm and serene the atmosphere is out there.

Blue Skies

Leroy slept almost the whole way to the island.

Phi on the other hand couldn't wait to get off the boat.

Once we were at the island, Leroy was awake and ready to play. I love how one hand is on the wheel and one is on the "shifter."

The boat at the end of the dock. The water was so clear that you could see the sandy bottom. The tide was out so there were lots of fun tide pools to look in and rocks to flip over.

Phi loved to run around and play with all the sticks and puddles. His favorite part of the trip was throwing rocks in the water. He would save rocks and then when we got to the water he would throw them in with a look of excitement on his face. It was so cute!

Neat rock formations at the Sucia Island State Park.

The water looked so clear and emerald green through the trees, this photo doesn't really do justice.

Leroy playing captain once again.

Two of the seats in the boat lay down flat to create a lounge chair where I had one of the most wonderful naps EVER while Sjo and the two little boys napped inside.

Aww, aren't they sweet? We had taken lots of blankets with us, since we weren't sure what the February weather was going to be like out on the ocean. Thankfully we didn't need them or the heater at all since the sun was out and the canopy on the boat kept everyone nice and warm. The blankets did come in handy during nap time though and made a comfy bed for Sjo and the boys. (No Sjo is not in this photo, she woke up a bit earlier and joined me up in the sun.)

Time to head home!

Seeing the sunset behind Blaine Marina is is a pretty way to end a long day of fun.

Thanks Phone Guy, Sjo, Phi and Leroy for spending the day with us. We hope to do it again sometime soon as there are many more islands to explore!


  1. Beautiful! Looks like so much fun!

  2. What a wonderful trip. Those boys are so good natured, it's hard to even believe : ) Glad you had a nice time. Wasn't February around here amazing??? Now March is becoming a different story altogether...

  3. Brooke, it really was hard to believe it was March when we were in the middle of a blizzard, but today the birds are chirping and the sun is shining bright. Hopefully this means there is more boating weather ahead!

  4. Love your new background. PJ

  5. Thanks P! It was fun to pick out a new background for "Spring" even though we still have snow in places!

  6. Looks very pretty in your area. The Washington Coast is so different from Oregon, very rugged yet beautiful. We'd like to stay at the Worldmark in Blaine sometime and explore more. Is there good kayaking in the area? We have a couple that we rarely use and would love to explore more areas with. Sjo's boys look right at home on the boat :)

  7. Having a vehicle like a boat or airplane opens up a whole new part of life, doesn't it?

  8. Amy- The time share in Birch Bay is only a few minutes from our house and always full of families in the summer. The tide goes WAY out so the water is really warm and good for evening swims. (It comes back in over the sand, which warms it up.) I have seen people kayak in the area, but don't know anything about it. I would think that kayaking somewhere like San Juan Island would be the coolest.

    kdk- Yes, having a boat has changed our lives! It is so beautiful out there. We can't believe we waited this long to get one.

  9. That was soo fun, contrary to Phi's opinion. Your pictures are great I still haven't gotten to upload all ours I'm that far behind. Thanks for the fun day.


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