Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Deer

Several times during our stay at the lodge, we looked out the windows to see animals peeking in. One night during our bible reading, I saw Sam motion for Robyn to look out the window behind me. I turned around to see the cutest little raccoon ever. He was walking along the top of the snowbank that was at the height of the window and was looking in at us. Since our Bible reading had come to a close, a bunch of us went over to look at the raccoon but he slowly scampered away before I could get a photo. We saw the raccoon at least one other time with it's little nose almost up to the glass looking in at us. It made me wonder if he was looking for yummy hand-outs. One evening as I was just about to fall asleep in my cozy lodge bed I heard a falling noise, some chatter and then scraping against the glass. The Mr. later told me I was probably dreaming but still think it was a wild animal! I think the poor little raccoon slid down between the tall snowbank and the window that was a foot away from my head. It would have been a funny sight to see!

Another night as I was doing dishes in the kitchen, I looked out the back door to see the cutest little mouse scampering around on the outdoor mat. It was dark brown with a bright white belly. I guess growing up on a farm and then moving to the city makes things like mice "cute" to me as long as they are outside. No matter how cute a mouse may be, it was decided by a certain lodge guest that mice did not belong that close to the kitchen and I can safely say that no one will ever see that mouse alive again. No worries, I am sure there are lots more where he came from.

On three or four different occasions deer were seen around the lodge. At one point it even looked as if one climbed up on top of a car, but with further investigation it was found to be standing on a tall pile of snow directly behind the car. You can see one of the deer sightings here in a photo of Drooler that Jenn took. Once a group of deer came up on the driveway, fairly close to the front door. Ioi, Programmer and Emma went out in the cold to investigate while most of the others viewed the deer from behind a large window nearby. I decided to grab a bag of rice cakes and head outside to see if the deer could be coaxed any closer. I know, I know, feeding wild life is not a good idea, but why is it so fun? It was pretty obvious that the deer had been fed before, as they would come within about three or four feet of us to eat the treats we had thrown and then back up. The largest of the deer loved the apple cinnamon rice cakes and ate quite a few before she decided to skedaddle and join the younger two deer who had slowly made their way further and further away.

Aren't their ears huge in comparison to their heads?

Here deerie, deerie, deerie...

Leroy, Sjo's youngest, checking out the deer.


Ioi's hubby Programmer with their youngest, Emma.

The deer had just turned to run. I just love the look on her face, oh the excitement!

Well, that concludes the Baker Lake Lodge trip posts. :) Thank you everyone for such a fun time, great company and fellowship, nice Bible readings in Philippians, good food and hard work that went into the fun games and activities that were planned. A big thank you to Sallad and Grace. If it wasn't for Sallad working at PSE, we never would have even heard of or had the opportunity to stay at The Lodge and it is a beautiful location. Thank you for all the hard work everyone put into planning every little detail!


  1. Dearest sister, I don't care if we grew up on a farm in the country. MICE ARE TOTALLY NOT CUTE!!!

  2. I have to admit, I totally agree with Kimberley, and the unnamed person at the lodge who executed said mouse. I can't handle any kind of mice or snake activity inside any building I am in. Outside? Fine. Inside? No way, no I'm-freaking-out how. Love the post title! :-) And, I'm still loving deer, even tho we see them all the time here. Folks refer to them as rats around here cuz they are a nuisance. Isn't that weird?

  3. Yay! somebody got Emma's look of excitement about the deer! My camera was dead dead dead just then, so I wasn't able to capture that little face she was beaming at me!! Thank you!

  4. Naomi- the mouse was outside, that's why I wasn't freaking out. There was a door and about three feet between us!

    ioi- I am glad I caught it too, it was such a sweet look! It was unplanned, and unknown, but a nice surprise when I transferred the photos from the camera card to the computer!

  5. Glad you got Emmas face of excitement! I snapped one, too but just a little too late - yours is perfect!
    I love the one with the big deer ears! funky! :)


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