Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Boys

Why is it that little boys still look cute while mashing food all over their faces?

Not sure what happened to this one, but it's cute anyways!

Friend or foe?

Determination! We spent the afternoon playing at the park.

These little brothers are great friends.

Phi makes his way to the other side of the play structure. We had so much fun at this park!

I love at the end where he says "weeee!"


  1. Cute... Love slide video... weeeee! My girls call those slides "Tuba Slides" since it resembles a tuba. It's their fav kind. :-)

  2. cute little nephews!
    And i LOVE your new blog look - very classy! :)

  3. They did have soo much fun, thanks to you Chatty. Leroy cracks me up how much he likes dogs and animals frisky or no. Hope that doesn't change.

  4. Just stopped by to say HI! Love the photos...what cute guys!


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