Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let the Games Begin

One thing that was different at the lodge this time was the amount of kids. Last time I think there were five kids and this time there were thirteen kids. It is so fun to see families grow and kids playing together and making friendships. It made the time at the lodge so much fun, but I know the moms and dads had to work very hard! Thankfully the kids were very good and had fun overall. A lot of games were played this year and partly because each couple brought an activity or a game to play. There were a ton of fun couples games and some neat activities for the kids.

Bri and Violet.


I think Phi and Bri look like brother and sister in this photo even though they are not even relatives! Their noses, eyebrows, facial shape, ears, coloring... in real life I never would have noticed this.

This was a neat game Robyn organized. Lots of bright orange lengths of yarn were hidden around the main area of the lodge. The kids were set loose to find them, the parents tied the lengths together and the kid with the longest string won!

J won. (The tallest boy) so I told him I would crochet all the yarn into a hat for his prize. During our stay at the lodge he would ask me over and over if I "was done knitting that hat yet" and I would have to say no. As you can see below, it was eventually completed and modeled by several of the kids.



Emma and Miss Kate

Couples Pictionary. Sam and Robyn against Sallad and Grace.

Emma looks tiny in this log rocking chair.

Tickle tickle! The Mr. and Drooler.

Robyn and I crocheting flowers.

Phone Guy and Sjo

This was a fun game for the couples organized by M and B. Each person had to keep one hand behind their back for the entire game. They each peeled an orange with one hand behind their back and could only help the other person once their orange was peeled. Then the peeled oranges were put into a shoe box which had to be closed, wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon like a birthday present. It was pretty funny to watch! I think the hardest part was tying the bow on the box with only one hand each.

Programmer and Ioi.

Sam and Robyn


Mini golf. Sallad and some of the guys made up a huge mini golf course complete with water hazards. The lodge looked like a hurricane had ripped through it, but eventually everything was put back!


Debbie and her hubby, who she calls "Mr. Wise Guy" on her blog.


"Making a line" with the foam counting puzzle pieces.

Bri learning to walk behind the little car. She could take 3 or 4 steps by herself, but loved to be behind this car. She was either pushing the rider or trying her hardest to keep up with them and sometimes her little feet were going so fast that it was really funny!


  1. I have really enjoyed all of these BL posts Chatty - what a great way to get together!

  2. So fun, wish I could have been in on more of it, but so it goes. Great to see all your fun pictures of the fun times!

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love just the happy fellowship and goofy relaxing times playing games. There were a lot of people there this year!


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