Monday, March 2, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Jenn and Dave planned, prepared and organized a great activity for the kids while we were at the lodge, gingerbread house decorating! They had the smart idea of bringing sturdy pre-built graham cracker houses from home, along with bags of icing and loads of candy. It was so much fun! I helped Drooler out with his house while his dad borrowed my camera and took all of these great action photos of the houses being built.

Drooler was so careful and precise with his candy placement. He will love building model cars some day! I have to admit that I didn't let him have free reign the entire time, the house had to have some sort of design! The cutest thing was that every time he added small candies to the house, his fingers would get icing on them and he would quickly clean them off using his mouth. He did that before picking up each new candy and it was hilarious.

Sam and Violet.

B with her three kids.

Debbie and Kate get help from cousin Phi. (Sjo's oldest.)

Nice job Phi!

Sallad working on his arcitectural masterpeice sans his daughter Bri. At least he had her fuzzy pink flamingo to keep him company.

Drooler carefully adding candy covered sunflower seeds to the words "God is Love."

Ioi's hubby Programmer helps his two oldest, Dolly and PC.

The next three photos were taken by me the next afternoon. I was impressed by how pretty they all turned out! What a great idea Jenn!

Drooler's house.

I thought it was so cool that this house had an addition on the front- a little front entryway! I think this was Violet's house.


  1. What a fun project! I bet that was a blast.

  2. Fun! I have to say Violet's looks pretty cool...not that I'm biased or anything. :P

  3. Great photos! I love all the concentration in the kids (and adults!) faces. :)


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