Friday, February 27, 2009

Baker Lodge, Year 2*

*Alternately titled, "Mmm Mmm, Yum!"

Once again, a bunch of our friends met together at Baker Lake Lodge and we were invited. If you want to refresh your memory as to what I am talking about, take a trip down memory lane and click here and here. Of course, spending time at the lodge isn't all about the food so I better explain the alternate title written above. I sorted all my lodge photos by activity, and this particular post is related to food. There will be several posts in the coming days that cover other events and lots of fun photos and stories to share.

A total of nine meals were served while we were at the lodge and each couple was in charge of one meal. I only have photos of two of the breakfasts, but let me assure you that this food wasn't bologna and cheese slice sandwiches. The meals that were served included sloppy Joes, marinated BBQ'd chicken, lasagnas, chili with all the fixins, Aztec Chicken, quiche, baby German pancakes, thick bacon, multiple flavors of cinnamon buns and the list could go on and on. Let's just say that no one went hungry and no one left the same weight they were when they arrived. (Okay, so maybe I don't know that, but it seems like it could be true!)

The Mr. and I didn't have an assigned meal to bring, so we brought ice cream. Everyone brought their favorite toppings and we had an ice cream bar each night for dessert. It was fun to load everything up onto this metal cart and wheel it into the living room. I found out that several of Dreyers flavors are listed as gluten free on their website and I have to admit that I hogged one carton of "vanilla bean" hidden away in the freezer safe from any cross contamination with toppings or other flavors.

You'd think it was St. Patrick's day with all the green in this photo, but the truth is that it was Valentines-Day-Eve.

The morning of Valentines day was fun. Sjo served a lovely breakfast and I think the decorations were a joint effort between Jenn and Sjo. The tables were decorated with hearts and verses, there were even 3D heart decorations hanging from the ceiling!

"I can't open my eyes in the morning until I've had my ginormous mug of coffee!" says

For Valentines dinner we decided to dress up the table a little bit and I helped Ioi with table cloths, doilies, candles and individual place settings complete with miniature doily place cards. All of these things were readily available at the lodge kitchen, you just had to look. Ioi served an Italian dinner complete with fresh out of the oven bread that she made from scratch!

This may look like a boring photo to many, but it is a machine that is near and dear to my heart, the massive professional dishwasher. Oh how I loved that thing. :) I think I loved it almost too much, as it got to the point where I didn't want to let anyone else use it. I think this may have happened last year as well. Maybe I need help.

Robyn getting ready to make dinner one night.

This isn't really a photo to do with eating or preparing food, but it has to be included for several reasons. Right outside the kitchen door are these steps, a huge outdoor BBQ, a large outdoor pantry with shelves brimming full of food and a huge walk in refrigerator. These steps had earlier been under several feet of icy snow and Jenn's husband cleared them for us, with an AXE and a shovel. The steps lead to a snow covered field that was hiding a nice fire pit which he ALSO SHOVELED OUT. Yes, it is true, he took his axe and shovel and removed what looked like half the snow in the whole world away from the fire pit and even made snow benches around the perimiter. Crazy.

Here is Jenn on Saturday night mixing up ingredients for Quiche with a massive whisk. You can see that this kitchen is well stocked with almost everything you can imagine would be needed in a kitchen. It's a lot of fun to cook in! She got up way before anyone else on Lord's day morning to make breakfast and I don't know how she did it!

Wiggles and Dolly.

On Monday morning, the menu included baby German pancakes.

Dolly, Emma, Wiggles (I will explain the hat later), PC and J.

Sjo and her two boys enjoying some lunch.

Miss Kate wondering what else a fork can do. "Can it help me drink juice?"

"Can it help me eat my sandwich?"


  1. I loved reading through this post and hearing about the weekend through another pair of eyes. :) You probably got a ton more pictures than I did - Looking forward to more posts of the time at the Lodge! :)

  2. Thanks for all the photos, Chatty. Wish we could have made it--what a fun time! What yummy food, we especially enjoyed the photo oc SJ's cinnamon rolls.

  3. It was fun to go through this post and remember all the fun we had. I got 2 pics of the whole trip. Pathetic, I was glad to see yours. We had such a great time and we very much appreciated your hours of work in the kitchen. Whether you were having fun or not it was a huge help. :)
    Love the pic of Violet with her 'coffee'. :D

  4. Wow! A lot of effort went into these meals. Love the tags for each dish! Where is this lodge? It looks really neat!

  5. Fun to see some pix of the weekend I didn't do too well in that department either. And your cleanup help in the kitchen was soo appreciated, fun or no!

  6. Amy- the lodge is up near Baker Lake on Mt. Baker in WA. It's owned by Puget Sound Energy and it's on property near a huge dam that they operate, it's pretty cool!

  7. I have been looking for a number to see about the cost of renting the lodge do you have any idea about the cost?? Or a number I can use to contact someone?


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