Friday, September 7, 2007

Baker Lake Lodge

As I had mentioned earlier, it turned out that The Mr. had a four day weekend fall right into place for the Labor Day festivities. We were able to attend a gathering of young couples at Baker Lake Lodge, which is owned by PSE, Sallad's employer. Click the link and you can see a picture of the huge fireplace that makes the room look dwarfed! PSE rents it out to employees for an amazingly discounted price. Sallad and Grace arranged the trip and invited 8 couples to attend. Drooler's family, Chip's family, Andy and Jennie, Harrison and Anna, Dave and Jenn, Wiggle and Luke's family, Sam and Robyn and The Mr. and I.

The lodge was incredible. There was a dining area with a large buffet area, complete with buffet warming dishes for food. The kitchen was a full professional kitchen, with anything you would ever need. You could open any cupboard and find numerous stacks of serving ware, pyrex and corningware dishes, platters, electric skillets, cutting boards and hung along the ceiling and sides of the room were frying pans, stock pots, water pitchers and a huge amount of different serving and cooking utensils.... the list would be endless if I tried to type it all out. It was a dream situation, and most of us brought things from home that we wouldn't have even needed. Of course for a kitchen lover like myself, it was so much fun to use and it felt like playing restaurant as a kid. When each meal was done and the dishes were piled up in the bins, each one got sprayed off with a huge industrial sprayer and loaded it into the big dishwasher. It was pretty cool, and I developed quite an addiction to washing dishes. Unfortunately, it didn't carry over to my home life- my dishwasher isn't half as fun!

The Kitchen

The guys dish up. Heidi and I decided to just serve
from the pots- much less clean up!

H and A. Notice the huge industrial fridge
and freezer behind them!

Jamin, Lukey, Bonnie and Wiggles.

The living area of the lodge was huge and included a pool table, table tennis, bar area where we served dessert and hot drinks each night, piano, leather couches and the biggest fireplace I have ever sat in front of. We had fires the whole time we were there and it created such a nice atmosphere. The kitchen provided as much coffee, hot chocolate, tea or cider that we wanted because there was a hot water tap on the coffee maker. Each night we had a bible reading, and they all turned out very nice. It was such a neat feeling to be able to sit down with so many young couples and be able to read the Word and talk about it. Sunday evening we had a sing after our bible reading, and we had Bonnie to play the piano - for once we actually carried a steady tempo and tune!

Bonnie wow's Drooler. I love how he is just sitting back and
watching her play. Usually he plays along!

This was a constant sight around the pool table. For some reason,
the guys were always laughing more than they were playing.

The lodge had 9 bedrooms layed out hotel style down a long hallway, and included all usual amenities, as well as things like toothbrushes and paste, razors, unlimited bedding and towels etc. Each one had their own bathroom, and their were additional bathrooms in the hallway, as well as a sauna and laundry room.

The three D kids all tucked in for the night. They were SO excited
to sleep in bunk beds. The twins had never slept in a real bed before, and
Lukey did end up falling out sometime in the night, although he slept through it!
I love how the twins shared the bottom bunk- one on either end!

I have many more pictures and stories to share about Baker and our daily activities, so check back later!


  1. Yup, that was awesome =) Great pictures, as always!

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm glad you all were able to go. Looks like a really nice place for a big group to stay.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures Coralee! I had heard about it - but you know how the saying goes - a picture is worth a thousand words! Looks like you all had a good time. The Lord is good!


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