Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Fall is almost here in Birch Bay. The leaves are starting to turn their golden shades and a few have fallen. I didn't take the photo above, but love it's simplicity. We used our heat for the first time Monday night. We both love the sounds and smells of the heater turning on for the first time of the season. Such a nice atmosphere is created. I feel like lighting candles with scents like cinnamon apple and spiced pumpkin. I itch to bring out the fall decorations and strings of pine cones and berries. I feel like sitting and sipping warm earl grey with milk and honey. I also turn 25 this month, and I am not sure whether I feel dread or excitement. It seems like it is one of those milestone years, and that I will age considerably or mature over night into someone who acts like they are 25. I guess we'll see!

We went to a lodge at Mt. Baker over the long weekend with eight other couples. The Mr.'s shift fell into place perfectly so we had a four day weekend. It was so much fun and once I upload the pictures to the internet, I will share about our time there!


  1. 25 this month, eh? Don't worry - you don't automatically become sedate and mature. You do, however, begin to require a bit more bran in the mornings...but that will creep up on you slowly. Teehee. Enjoy!

  2. Fall already?! I feel like summer just started! I do look forward to fall but not winter. Winter always seems way too long for me. It's still pretty warm around here but that will probably change in the next couple of weeks.

  3. mary- I don't mind winter at all because here it isn't bad at all. Last year we did get a little bit of snow, but it was very moderate weather. I like how moderate the weather is this close to the water. I still miss building forts in the snowbanks, sledding and snowmobiling across the frozen prairies, but not enough to want to move back!

    amy- thanks for sharing. Thankfully, I just purchased a Costco sized box of puffins cereal, which is basically corn bran. It's impossible to find healthy yummy cereal that is wheat free!

  4. I love the picture of the acorn on the leaf! Good job. I love the art of photography, don't you?

  5. Lily- Actually, I mentioned in the post that I didn't take the photo.


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