Friday, October 10, 2008

Nooksack River, Hovander and Petra

Wow. I need to take a class on how to come up with better titles.

For the first few minutes in the car, Petra thinks she is a cat and will be able to sit and sun herself in the back window. It doesn't really work. Her feet are about 5 inches from the seat and she just hangs on for dear life. :)

The Mr. and I took Petra to Tennant Lake near Hovander park a few days after I was introduced to the area for the first time. We found out that dogs are not allowed on the board walk so we went the other direction just to see what we would find and give Petra a good walk. What we found was actually a great off leash dog walking path as well as some paths through the trees that lead to a beach along the Nooksack River. It was so beautiful! Petra would run and run, dig in the sand and even got pretty adventurous in the water.

Wow, so brave Petra.

After the river, we decided to go to Hovander park, and found out that dogs are allowed as long as they are on the leash. We were excited to see what Petra's reaction to all the animals would be!

This photo is for my dad, an old combine of some sort!

Inside the barn there are neat old things to look at.

Petra wasn't sure what to think of this little white peachick. These white peacocks are a different color variety of the Indian Peacock, and will look like this when fully grown. This particular one is most likely a cross of the two colors, because of the black on it's wings.

They are touching noses in this photo, but you can't really tell. These goats are pretty friendly!

There are several larger peacocks that just run free around the farm.

Want to play with me? (I love this playful pose with the bottom up in the air and little tail nub wagging!)

It was such a full day that she slept the whole way home. She still looks like a little puppy in this photo, but she is actually a lot bigger now. These photos were taken on September 17 and the two photos below were taken this morning. She is 4 months old as of Monday and weighs 27 pounds.

Yesterday Petra had a scary run in with a dog and had to get stitches on her foot. (Yes, everything is dealt with in regards to the other dog.) The stitches required anesthesia, so we also got her spayed while she was under. We figured it was safer and less stressful for Petra to be spayed now than to have to go through the entire anesthesia and e-collar routine twice.

Can I have some sympathy over here please?

Her shaved little tummy must be so cold! Good thing it is so sunny out. Her dog house is also nice and toasty warm, so she can go in there if she feels chilly.


  1. Awww poor baby! She is just so cute Ü

  2. She is SO cute, I love that playful pose too.

  3. She is just darling! Hard to say no to I'd imagine. :)

  4. She is so cute. We had a Boxer once. He was always in trouble. LOL
    Blessings in Costa Rica

  5. Hello Kathie! That is neat that you used to have a Boxer. They are so much fun aren't they? As for getting into trouble, we take it as it comes. :) So far most of them have been phases (eating poo for example... yuck!) One that seems to be sticking around is digging though! At least there are only three holes in the backyard. It could be worse. It's just grass!


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