Monday, October 6, 2008

Hovander Part 2

Mt. Baker in the distance. This is where we go snowboarding in the winter. Yes... it is October and I am already thinking about it.

This is a plant called the cardoon. The blooms look like a thistle, it is in the artichoke family, but you don't eat the flowering part, you eat part of the stem! Oh yeah, and it's super tall, see the photo below!

T, Bunny, Abigirl and David.

Dahlias are so beautiful!

I didn't edit this at all, this is straight from the camera. The colors were amazing!

Drooler was covered in apple juice and dirt like a true little boy, but he still was interested in the size of this ginormous dahlia.

Drooler and the gals (his mommy and Baby Cake.) Too bad his dad was at work, although I did take photo with all the shadows across their faces! Oh well...

One last gaze at the cow and a few "moos" before getting buckled back in the car. Little did he know that our next stop would give him plenty of cattle to moo at!

Appel farms is nearby and we stopped to say hello to the cows and taste some cheese. They give group tours but you need to call ahead. (Top to bottom: Chiquita, Drooler, Bunny, David and Esther.)

Drooler and Little D found a great perch to watch the cows from...

...and each found their own comfy way to hang out on the fence. :) They were like this for quite a while just calmly watching the cows walk around and go in and out the different doors of the barn.

Abigirl modeling what the sample boxes look like. There were so many different varieties to sample, including chocolate chip old cheddar. I think that was the weirdest one, but still good! Most of us ended up buying cheese, because after the numerous samples we definitely wanted some for later. I bought smoked gouda and it was SO yummy. It was great as a snack, but my favorite was adding big cubes of the cheese to my favorite broccoli salad along with bacon and craisins.


  1. Great pics! Looks like so much fun, going places like that with kids is the best, they're so interested in what we'd just pass over. And cheese---the choc chip sounds so good! A visit to a good cheesemonger will make my day. YUM!

  2. That broccoli salad recipe is such a family favorite, and your modifications sound great. And YES, we would love to hike on Mt. Baker with you two someday!)

  3. Oh my goodness! The pictures of the boys with their heads through the metal fence is too cute!
    Great shots!!

  4. That looks so fun and makes me miss the used-to-be-home!


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