Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2008 Sunday School Picnic

Well, I have definitely been doing a bit of retro blogging lately. I have a file of files on my computer and the file is named "not blogged." I only have one more post after this and I am caught up to the photos that are still on my memory card. Anyways... I guess I just feel that each and every one of these days is worth blogging about because one- they were special days for me and two- I want to be able to look back at the posts in years to come... I'm nostalgic like that I guess. This is like online scrapbooking for me.

Stilt fights are a tradition. Usually two of the guys get up on stilts and whoever stays up the longest wins.... you can imagine how that could get interesting. I didn't really catch any good photos of it this year, but this is a cute one.

We had a ton of fun relay races. Wiggles wasn't so sure about popping this balloon even though her mommy was so close by. She ended up saving it to play with later.

A row of plate steppers. A plate is handed down the line, the front person puts it down in front of her and steps onto it. The end person then picks up the plate they just stepped off of and starts handing it down the line. The goal is to get your whole team to the finish line and you aren't allowed to step on the grass. It was so much fun!

Hmmm, this looks like a nice chair! We had an abundance of watermelon, so this one was put to a different use. :)

Yummy BBQ'd chicken that D had marinated.... MMM! G did a great job barbecuing it. Even though we had the picnic at Crescent Beach, the C's still brought folding tables, chairs, their BBQ and even a camp stove so we could all have fresh hot coffee!

Our picnic spot was near Blackie Point so next year I want to take Petra. They have an off leash dog park and dog swim area there! It was a great place to have the picnic because there was both shade and sun, bathrooms nearby and a large closed off cul-de-sac for the kids to ride their bikes in.

The guys must have been famished, since I caught five of them in one shot.

After games and food, we all sat down for a children's hymn sing and gospel message.

Drooler never took a paci when he was little, but thinks Baby Cake's is a novelty. He will play with it for a minute and then decide to give it back to her. Actually I think he has already grown out of this, but it was cute while it lasted.

All the kids got child sized sporty sunglasses in their treat bags and I was trying to get a photo of them modeling. Drooler took off and look what he found! Sail boats! They are so pretty and I hadn't even noticed them there.

The Sunday School Picnic always brings back so many memories of the ones I used to attend as a child. I can remember several different parks and different games that we played. I can remember who's ankle I was tied to for the three-legged races and the terribly itchy potato bags for the bag races. What fun!

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  1. Great pics, I have some great memories of moments from SS treats I attended over the years too.


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