Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Showing K Seattle

When my sister was visiting we spontaneously drove to Seattle for a Friday evening. We showed Kim the Space Needle, Seattle Center, Monorail, Westlake Center Mall, Pike Place Market (but it was closed), the Seattle waterfront etc. We had picked up a paper on the way so that we could look at the dog classifieds, just to see if anything interested us and ended up bringing home our new little puppy Petra. You can read the post here.

Tracks crossing to nowhere.

Green eco-something-drain pipes slash modern art. The plants in the elbows are watered with roof water.

Famous Pike Place Market sign that is often seen on postcards around here.

Space Needle

There are old style fair rides that originally were added to the Seattle Center area (as well as the Space Needle and Monorail) for the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. Which reminds me, an apron was given to me recently which the giver had originally bought as a souvenir at the fair in 1962, how cool is that? I'm not thinking of selling it, but I've seen some around the net go for as much as $80!

Amazing sand castle outside Westlake Center mall. They were advertising for a competition coming up. This was so cute and incredibly detailed from all angles. One end is not showing, there is a child in bed, freaked out from all the not so imaginary creatures hidden around his bedroom. (Peeking out the closet, looking in through the window, sneaking out from beneath his bed, hiding behind his headboard etc.) I remember being afraid of things like this in the dark, do you!?

Pike Place again.

Seattle Waterfront.

Mt. Rainier. You can see Quest Field and Safeco Feild in this photo as well.

Where we stopped for dinner.

Pike place market when it is closed. This was so weird to see because you are usually overwhelmed with the beautiful sights and sounds and smells as you move your way through the crowds, shoulders touching shoulders. At least on Saturdays!

By the time we got back to our car, it was dark and K and I were able to get fun shots of the Space Needle at night.


  1. my space needle picture at night is better :P HAHA. Thanks for not posting any people pictures. It would be a crime. :)

  2. That sand castle is amazing! They must use special sand though or it'd be falling to pieces.

  3. That sand castle is amazing! They must use special sand though or it'd be falling to pieces.

  4. Oh, goodness, yes! I was afraid of all sorts of imaginary things in the dark. That castle is amazing!

  5. Hello, stopping over from SAJ's. Seattle looks like a very lovely city. I am in awe of the amazing sand castle sculptures. Have a great day.


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