Monday, September 8, 2008

K's Visit

My sister Kimberley was here for a visit at the end of August and we had a blast together. Every day seemed to be full of some sort of activity. Please come and visit again soon!

We had four friends over and served cupcakes and candy, sang a lot and played Apples to Apples. I think this version would be very interesting.

Just a few of the song books floating around.

I think the winner of this round was either Flying Monkeys or Spit. Neither are that legendary to me, but it wasn't my turn to pick!

We also visited Whatcom Falls.

Yes, Kim jumped- that little red blur is her. And no I didn't jump! I still haven't been able to make the leap, I'm a chicken. I borrowed this photo off her blog since I took it, but with her camera. I'm so proud of her, but it still doesn't convince me that I should try it! It's like 25 feet high! The Mr. has jumped off the 30 foot cliff on the other side several times, but I won't jump off either.

This little guy was climbing around outside one day and I brought him in to surprise my sister. She wasn't really surprised, she just wanted to take lots of photos of him. I placed him on the window sill and he climbed up the glass. Their little sticky toes are so cute!

We also made sure to spend a bit of time in Lynden. Buying fudge and icecream (not at the same time) and antique shopping.

Lynden has tons of these hanging huge flower pots that are probably 4 feet around and sometimes grow so low you can't walk under them. They are so beautiful.

Mmmm... Edaleen dairy has great ice cream. A double in a waffle cone is only $1.89. Kim got the swirl soft serve which is the best in the world and I got cappiccino on top and coconut on the bottom (hold the cone.)

Blaine waterfront. The land out to the right of the sun is White Rock, BC.

Blaine Marina


  1. cute pictures! I like the ones of us. Even if we are eating icecream and secretly hoarding fudge in our purses :D LOVE YOU!

  2. I just love your shirt and shoes in the photo of you and Kim on the bench, too cute!!!

    I also wanted to say thank you for the sock link. It worked fine from my e-mail and it was a hoot. I love all your socks, I think I have sock envy!

  3. Beautiful pictures! There is no way I would jump. Not for $1,000,000! Well maybe for a million... but I am still not sure.

  4. Love you too Kim.... what fun we had! Come again soon pleeaase!

    Anna- thanks muchly!


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