Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Basket Carnival

What housewife doesn't love a good basket? I know I sure love baskets, boxes, tubs and buckets a lot. If I won a shopping spree, I think the first thing I would buy would be baskets and after that- clothing. This week, there is a carnival going on here that is all about baskets, so I thought I would join in and show bloggityville a few of the baskets around my house. I have a kajillion other posts to post, but those can wait. Like days 2 through 7 of Hosh and Jolly's visit as well as days 1 through 4 of our trip to Eastern Washington for a beautiful wedding and a reunion with family. Oh well. I am going to procrastinate and post about baskets instead and get even further behind. Once I write all the posts that I need to post, I will just post them right away with no regular Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, so keep your eyes on my "recent posts" list. :)

My favorite use for old tupperware style containers is to organize drawers and cupboards. If there is a place that needs a container, I look in my plastic collection first before going out and purchasing something. I am trying to phase out plastic containers anyways, so using them for organizing a drawer is better than throwing them our or donating them. Another thing I love, but haven't shown below is the basket inserts from Ikea. They are great anywhere they can fit!

I also love expanding letter files. They can be used to hold cards and stationary, appliance manuals, important documents or anything else you can think of. I use small ones for my tags and small flat scrapbooking embellishments. I use file sized ones for scrapbook papers, velums etc. They work so good, keeping everything easy to find and easy to store.

Ok, here are my baskets and boxes.

Kitchen utensil drawer. Most of the actual utensils are kept in two crocks beside the stove. These are parts for small appliances as well as misc. kitchen items.

Silverware drawer. The baskets in the back hold can opener, garlic press, peelers, milkshake spoons, small fancy serving utensils (pickle forks, spreading spoons, cheese knives, butter knives) and baby utensils, knives.

Canister-candies for Sunday School class. Pink-pasta. Short- teas
Blue- spices, Green- spices and cake decor. Tiny- spice and seasoning packets

This basket is on the floor of our front closet. It holds mittens, hats and scarves.

Living Room- This holds hats for Bible readings and Hymn sings.

These two picnic baskets hold picnic supplies in the laundry room- plastic plates, utensils, water bottles, table cloth, table cloth holders etc.

L to R in the laundry room: #1-The Mr.'s motorcycle gear, #2-laundry (iron, softener sheets, static guard, shout, spray n' wash, bleach pen) #3-shoe supplies- polishes, protectants, cloths and brushes.

Top drawer- basket of threads, needles, sewing machine feet, button tin, fabric scissors, measuring tape, pins.
Middle drawer- lace, rickrack, trims etc.
Bottom drawer- patterns.

Desk drawer- scrap paper, stamps, office supplies and phone books.

Then there are the photos of my closets, which are here and here. The spare room closet really doesn't look organized, but it really is! Each of those boxes and tubs holds only what it is supposed to hold. :)

I highly suggest heading over to the Basket Carnival and spending a few minutes clicking the Mr. Linky links that are slowly being added to the list. I have gained a lot of organizing inspiration and ideas so far!


  1. Even though I'm looking forward to hearing the "rest of the story" of your sister's visit and your trip to your aunt's wedding, this post was great timing for me to find what looks like a good organizing website! I'm going to be moving our office from our cottage to our sunroom (which is being remodeled) and I'm in the planning stages of what to put where. I love baskets and storage containers and drawer dividers...and shelves :) I enjoy organizing things, my problem is getting the rest of my family to fully appreciate the organization :P

  2. Great baskets, I especially love baskets in drawers, so good!

    Thanks for playing along :)

  3. You're so organized - I love it!
    I love baskets at my house, too - you can never have enough!
    I especially like the way your organize your kitchen drawers - that's one place in my house that needs some help - I think you've inspired me! ;)


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