Monday, April 14, 2008

Six Years

On the 6th, The Mr. and I passed our six year wedding anniversary. I just can't believe it has been six years, but then if I think of all the changes in our lives over the past 6 years, it's more believable. A new city to live in, a new assembly to attend, a new job for The Mr., a job for me (that was short term), a disease to try and beat (RA), a new house in a new area and lots of new friends made and old friendships rekindled. Trips taken, weddings attended, friends having babies, two new nieces..... the list goes on and on.

In real life, these roses are a vibrant hot pink/orange color. They are so beautiful, but difficult to snap a photo of!

It doesn't usually work out for us to celebrate our anniversary right on the day, but that works out fine every year. We usually go on the next available day off and it is usually to a restaurant that serves seafood, because I love it. I really enjoy living in the Northwest because of the abundant supply of seafood. This year, we chose to stay local and visited CJ's Beachhouse. It is newly opened and is on a golf course in Birch Bay.

It was a beautiful evening. Warm winds and blue skies- the perfect evening to celebrate our anniversary.

We were seated along the front windows so we could look out over the tideflats and watch the sun lower. We never saw the sun set though because it sets so much later now! We chose clam chowder for our appetizer, and it was really good. Then our dishes were brought out to us. My dish (above) was pan seared halibut with capers and lemon butter, over garlic mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables. I loved the presentation and effort of this restaurant. Each plate was a work of art.

The Mr. had blackened salmon with the same sides as me. The portions were a good size and the food was so yummy. In fact, I couldn't finish all of mine even though I wanted to so bad!

This is the outside of CJ's Beachhouse, so now all of you who read this review will know how to easily find this restaurant along the Birch Bay waterfront.


  1. Congratulations! That food looked amazing! You are very lucky to have access to all of that salt water fish. I miss it bad!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow six years, we're already at two time certainly does fly. Those plates look delicious.

  3. Hey! Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful 7th year of marriage!

  4. Happy, happy anniversary!


  5. Congrats on 6 years together! Hope the next 6 hold as mamy exciting moments and new experiences as the first. Nothing like a lovely seafood dinner to celebrate a milestone together!

  6. Happy, happy anniversary! Hope you got the card. That food looks amazing!

  7. Thanks mom! Yes we got the card and LOVE it, it is perfect and is displayed on the side of our fridge. :) Yes, the food was really yummy!


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