Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Little Boys Play House

I love the difference between how little girls play house and how little boys play house. The girls daintily stir their thin mixture of dirt and water to make their tea and add lumps of mud for sugar cubes. They gather grass, weeds and dandelions for their lunch and carry around little dollies on their hips. The boys on the other hand use the window and door for playing tag, locking each other out or peek-a-boo. They use the door as a swing (as you may notice in the video at the bottom) and as you may see, their housekeeping skills are greatly lacking. I love how at the end of the video, Drooler's clean streak shows itself and he starts throwing dirt out the door in an attempt to clean up.


  1. That video is so funny! The way they go back and forth from the door to the window missing each other looks like it should be an old black and white comedy or something.

  2. Thanks for posting that video Chatty,. I was laughing so hard that I could hardly finish watching it!

  3. ioi- I thought you would like that one? Don't you just love the part where PC "helps" Drooler almost go through the window right onto his noggin? :)


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