Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday Kitten!

My little niece Kitten isn't so much of a kitten anymore. Now she spends a lot less time mewing and a lot more time squawking, squealing, grunting and making all sorts of un-feminine noises! I just finished having a very interesting conversation with her over the phone while I was wishing her happy birthday. I miss her so much. It is hard to believe that when I saw her last she was six weeks old, and now she is six MONTHS old! It is just crazy. She has grown up so much and I can't wait to see her next month at my Aunt's wedding.

Look at my stylin' ponytail. I bet you didn't think I could pull it off did yah?!

Yummy pool water toes.

Roll up the rim to win- someone wants a doughnut!

Look how cute my perpetual mohawk is. I don't think I ever need to grow more hair on the sides.


I love this photo of my sister and Kitten. They look so happy. And I love the little leg chub.

Happy Birthday Kitten!
Your Uncle Mr. and Aunt Chatty love you!

Big thanks to The Wonderful Letter K for the four photos I greedily swiped borrowed from there.


  1. The pony tail one is so cute! Glad you'll get to see her soon.

  2. awe!! You definately did her justice :P

  3. She's adorable! I like the picture of her and her Mommy also...very sweet. Too bad she's so far away. :-(

  4. She is so sweet!!
    I love the one of Holly and Kitten, their shirts are adorable too!

  5. You have a lot to be proud of Auntie. Kitten is adorable. My sister just found out that she's having a girl. Her 2 boys aren't as happy. But, my sister is.


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