Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday School Treat '08

No time to post, so here are some photos of the Sunday School treat yesterday! More to follow.

Dolly, Esther and Chiquita.

New niece! We finally got to to meet her.

The spider web- each child chose a piece of yarn to follow and wind as they went. On the end was a treat!

Lukey and Chiquita.


  1. Looks like fun, but what are they doing with the "spider web"? Bri. is so cute, that pic. really makes her look like Mom. And a little like cousin J1.

  2. You pick a string and follow it, winding it into a ball as you go. Then there is a prize on the end!

    I never noticed that before, but B really does look like J1! So cute.


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