Friday, April 11, 2008

Nature's Colors

On my walk yesterday I was blown away by all the colors. Blue sky, bright green grass and baby leaves and shoots, purple, blue, pink, yellow and white flowers, white, yellow and red berries, rose hips... the list could go on and on. There were so many birds of all types and sizes out to play as well. I had a hard time choosing which photos to post, so here are 15.

Skunk Cabbage- I think it's so pretty!


Forsythia in the sun.

Possibly Pyracantha (Thanks ioi it definitely looks similar!)

Salmon Berry Bloom, thank you Sjo!

Rose Hip

Poppy- one of my favorite flowers!

If anyone can fill in the blanks as to what the unlabeled photos are, (other than the dandelions) it would be much appreciated! Just leave it in the comments.


  1. uh third from the bottom - those are trees without any leaves...
    lol jk!

  2. Oh thank you so much LeAnne, I was really stuck on that one and you have totally helped me. What could I ever do without you?! ;)

    Get back to work slacker!

  3. The one below the Forsythia looks very much like a Pyracantha, but I can't be certain.

  4. Beautiful pictures Chatty. I need to get your autograph so that when you are a famous photographer I can say I knew you when you were beginning.

  5. Looks like spring has definitely arrived. Things are just poking their little heads through the ground here. Beautiful pics!


  6. The Skunk cabbage reminds me of my grandparents in Florence OR on the coast. They have a creek on their 22 acres and lots of skunk cabbage grows there. Your #5 pic is a Viburnum (i think i spelled it right) called Spring Bouquet I've been wanting to get one for years now but never found a good place to buy one. They smell really good when they bloom and then have those beautiful metalic blue berries when they're done. The "wild raspberry" looks and sounds like what we always called SalmonBerry. A light pink colored flower that turns into a raspberry looking like berry and the stocks are covered with pricklies. They grew along our creek. Loved all your pictures!!

  7. Thank you so much everyone.

    Sjo and ioi- thanks for your help, I knew I could count on you guys. :)

    mbate- who are you? I know several mbate's. :)


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