Monday, February 4, 2008

Get Your Fill of Shamu Here!

I just couldn't resist so I am posting more photos, and the videos I promised. This show is just so cool. It is the one thing you have to see for sure when you are at Sea World. Plan everything around this show and show up early! It is so amazing to see how huge the Orca whales really are, and to see their power in action.


  1. Hi Chatty Housewife,

    Wow! More mouth watering photos. Do I have permission to steal them?

    Actually here to thank you for leaving a comment in my post Moderate Comments via email. I have further responded to your comment. I think it makes interesting reading.

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  2. Love the photos! Makes me remember my visits to Sea World in California and Florida - great times!

  3. How fun! I definitely have to make a trip there with hubby and Baby Bear.

  4. Such beautiful creatures! You got some really great pictures!

  5. Great pictures...You had left a comment on my blog last week during the bloggy giveaway carnival and I thought I'd visit...nice! I see you are a Washington girl too!


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