Friday, February 1, 2008

Sea World

The last day of our California trip in December was spent at Sea World. I have waited to post these photos, because I wasn't sure if all my trip photo posts were getting overwhelming. :) So here they are! I loved Sea World so much even though I have been there more than once before. I love seeing each of the animals in their fake habitat surroundings. I loved seeing them eating, sleeping, playing and swimming. It is neat to see these sometimes huge animals close up. Sea World is such a neat experience. I want to post a few of my videos, but this post is already really long so I think I will wait until a later date.

The dolphin show. This is not the only photo of the actual dolphins I got, but a lot of the others are just splashes. Digital photography is hard when the animals are so incredibly fast!

The Penguin habitat. You can ride a moving sidewalk and view these guys behind glass. They walk really funny, jump in and out of the water and fight for food. They are pretty cute! There are around 6 different types of penguins in this area.

Penguins outdoors. You could almost touch a few of these little guys!

Beluga Whale. There were several in the tank, but they are so huge that the photos don't look like much! This one was far away.

"Shamu." I got a ton of photos, but a lot of them are the same. Check back next week for videos!

There were 4 whales in the show, which was neat because I had only ever seen once before. One of them is not in this photo, it was a smaller one which I think was actually a baby last time we had visited.

"You can't see me!"

J4 and his mom. He's an aspiring photographer!

Feeding the Harbor Seals. The trainer feeds them so that they aren't famished when public feeding starts. (It started just a few minutes after I took this photo.)

Sea Lions. These things are huge and really really fast! All the rest of my photos are just tails and heads.

Flamingos. You can buy food for them from 25 cent machines along the fence. Which is why Mr. Seagull must hang out here! Go away Mr. Seagull! We see enough of you at home!

Moray eel caves. This was the same pool as various types of orange fish and sting rays. The top of the pool is where you can lean over and touch the sting rays. They say it is safe, so they must have de-barbed them or something.

The Seamore and Clyde show. This is a dark photo, but you might be able to make out the sea otter bringing the Seals a Pepsi. :)

Huge Walrus. I couldn't believe they trained it!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog for my giveaway! Our family also went to Sea World San Antonio this summer. We had a blast!! Although, your photos turned out so much better than mine...HA! Thanks..Angie

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  6. great pictures! i haven't been to sea world (well) i won't say how long :) looks like you had fun.


  7. The photos are great and the trip looks like you had an awesome time!

  8. My goodness that looks like a lot of fun!

    Anyhow, Hi! I am just about visiting the blogs of people who entered my contest. Thanks for entering and I hope you feel free to visit anytime!

  9. Awesome pictures! brings back great memories, I haven't been there in a few years. The shamu ones with the blue sky are especially beautiful!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Your pictures are refreshing. It has been cold and snowy in Michigan. I'm reminded what the sun looks like.

  11. Once again, you have great photos on your blog. They really show the fun time that you had. It looks so warm there.

  12. G' Day! Greetings from The Land Down Under! I stopped by your blog today to say "thanks" for participating in my Bloggy Giveaway! I will post a winner tomorrow.

    I've been to Sea World in Florida when I lived near Orlando! I loved it! My favorite thing to do at Sea World is pet the dolphins!


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