Monday, January 7, 2008

California Trip Part 3

On Friday before the bible conference in Burbank, The Mr. and I went off roading in the desert. We went with our cousin Doug, his 4 kids, David B., Heidi and Hans B., Phone Guy, Princess and Chip as well as Chip's Auntie S and Uncle A. It was so much fun! We took the J's Suburban and crew cab truck. The desert is vast and open with lots of tight places to get stuck in. It's full of dry creek beds, sharp turns, steep climbs and confusing trails. Several times we got into situations that had the gals and Phone guy screaming like little girls, but Doug knows his truck well and knows his limits- we were all delivered back to their house safe and sound!

The J's Suburban way up high at an uncomfortable angle! It was so much fun.

We stopped at a peak for Mc. Donalds cheeseburgers for lunch. Thanks Doug for picking them up ahead of time. They were good! This was a weird place to have a picnic. Amazing view, but cold wind!

David, Brooke, Doug, Sarah, Chip, Hans.

Princess, Chip and Phone guy eating lunch.

Check out those angles. Compare the horizon to the hood of the suburban! We were basically sitting on the highest point of a hill and contemplating which way to go down. This would be one of the instances where a few were exclaiming loudly. Sort of screaming actually.

Beautiful. Even the desert shows God's handiwork.

Abigail J. sitting on the window sill of the Suburban.

The Mr. and Phone Guy hanging on for their dear lives. Ropes tied to the bars on the roof made for good hand holds.

Here is a video of some of the excitement. They were standing on the back bumper- very safe! And look at the nice soft flat terrain! Very safe!

Click stop on the music player in the left column before playing these videos.

Ok, just one more for your enjoyment. Unfortunately I missed shooting the moment in which Phone Guy flew up into the air and landed on the roof of the moving Suburban, but at least I caught the aftermath. Let's just say that Phone Guy may never want to risk his life to ride on the bumper of any vehicle driving quickly on a cliff in the desert ever again! :)


  1. It's a good thing that you posted it being Monday and all! Ha ha! Nice post, the guys on the bumper is too funny! Looks like you all had some good fun!

  2. silly girl you put the same video up twice! haha wish i could have come to LA.... bummer...

  3. So when Mom asks, "What did you do in CA?" she is told "Oh, we went to see Uncle R and Aunt R and Uncle D and Aunt M" when in reality you were risking life and limb for a thrill ride! I should have been praying more and harder!

  4. Gotta love fun times in the desert!

  5. Whoot!!
    Looks like some of the rides Charles took us on in the back of the pick-up through the valley at your old home, yikes!

  6. Oh gulp. Now I have a better idea of what my daughter does when she goes to the J's after conference and calls me to tell me she's fine, but she's gotta go cuz they're goin' 4-bying...I'm not sure whether to thank you for sharing or not! lol :)

  7. And when they grow up they will...


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