Wednesday, January 9, 2008

California Trip Part 4

Conference! Finally, at part 4 of the California series- Conference! The weather was beautiful for a few of the days, so we got to soak up some California sun. One of the days was so windy that I thought the palm trees were going to topple over, but those things must have an expansive root structure! The conference was very good, and also very relaxing. The rooms were all freshly renovated since the hotel recently switched from being a Hilton to a Marriott. This switch doesn't change much in the way the conference works, but this year the front lobby was non-existent/under construction. It was weird to have it missing, because in the past it was always a place to sit around and talk. It will be interesting to see what they do with that area in the future. I wanted to go over and post about what the meetings were centered on but The Mr. and I just sent our bibles in to be rebound, so I am missing my notes!


Boys will be boys! Tina's sons.

The youngest from over at The Cary Crew.

Luke (from here)sleeping on a couch while 800 people milled around him. Drew wearing a shirt that says " gets the job done!"

My nephew J4. I love this photo.

This was quite the collection of little boy photos. I better apologize to all the cute little girls that were there as well- sorry!

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