Friday, January 4, 2008

California Trip Part 2

Flowers and fruit. Every time we get to spend any amount of time in Doug and Rose's yard, I go crazy with the photography. This time we were getting ready for an outing, so I didn't have much time at all. Their yard has so much beauty.

Tangerine, Rose

?, Lemons

Date Palm Grove

Huge Grapefruits, Rose

Lemon, Palm Tree


  1. The "?" plant is called Lantana-- would positively freeze in your area :(
    - P.R. Red Bluff, CA

  2. Great pictures! The off-roading looks like a lot of fun, but definitely "white-knuckle" in areas! This must have been before y'all got sick.

  3. Lily- it was after I got sick, and after Thad had one part of his group of sicknesses that raged through his body during our vacation! It was before all the others got sick though! And no- we weren't the carriers because what everyone else got didn't have the same symptoms.


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